Promotional Bookmarks Custom Printed


Avoid dog ears and have your own promotional bookmarks made. As a way of concentrating attention on your branding a custom made bookmark is a subtle way to work your way into the daily life and ritual of a business contact. Bookmarks are a personal gift which if utilised by an avid reader are sure to be viewed regularly and positively. Not only do they serve a practical purpose of marking the correct page, they are a stylish personal gift which any reader will appreciate.

    Why Use Bookmarks In Marketing?

    Custom bookmarks are not just about personal gift giving. For your business handing them out a conference or event is a great way for participants to remember the lessons learnt. If you're in the publishing or media industries they can be used as road sign to information you wish to highlight in an extended document, a rate card or a guide book. Available made of material through paper, leather, brass and steel, all carry strong branding and our promotional bookmark custom manufacture service means your product, logo or any other shape can be made into a handy page marker. To learn more about the range of bookmarks available and the branding options FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    A bookmark is an appropriate promotional gift for people of nearly all ages, and children as well as adults can make use of these products regularly. When a recipient of any age takes their favourite book on a vacation, day trip, or their daily commute, the bookmark that they use will become visible to the public, and this can help to market a brand’s message to a vast array of different individuals.

    Bookmarks are inexpensive promotional items, and this helps to spread word of a brand for a price that companies of any size can afford. Promotional bookmarks can be kept to a low price, even when they are intended for widespread distribution, thereby allowing a brand to get the maximum bang for their marketing buck.

    Those in the education industry, the publishing industry, bookstores, or business of children’s goods can best appreciate the use of a branded bookmark, as they will easily be able to reach these brands’ target audiences. Branded bookmarks geared towards children may also help to encourage them to enjoy reading, and this can allow a brand to really be thought of positively by parents.

    Simple bookmarks and intricate custom made pieces may be branded to appeal to audiences of any type, and any budget may be satisfied when marketing with these products.

    Bookmark Manufacture & Branding

    Enamel and metal bookmarks made for ideal executive or adult options, and these can often be custom made and branded to suit a particular brand need. These bookmarks are made using individual die casts to allow the brand’s logo or message to actually create the body of the bookmark, allowing each piece design to make a truly unique product. The details of the branding may be added using custom enamelling or laser engraving in order to have a branded item that has all that can be desired in terms of attention to detail.

    Plastic or paper materials may also be used to manufacture promotional bookmarks, and these economically efficient choices are suitable for any type of brand. A plastic bookmark may even include additional features like a book light or magnifier to allow reading to be done in an easier and more convenient fashion.

    Pad printing and screen printing are used to place branding on plastic or paper bookmarks, and this can help to allow a brand a way to advertise in full colour. The print area on each bookmark will typically be on one or both of the broad sides of the item, giving them a way to be seen no matter what stage they are in when it comes to use.

    Promotional Bookmarks Case Study

    A school looking to start a reading initiative program for students chose prizes to give to the children depending on how many books they were able to read in a semester. The read books were made “official” when parents signed off on their book lists, and he prize for reading 5 books was a branded reading light bookmark with the school’s name and logo. Children that earned the bookmarks could be seen carrying them around for the rest of the year in the books they read to earn their prizes.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to their size and weight, promotional bookmarks maybe shipped or hand distributed easily.

    Minimal Price: $1.95