Promotional Bottle Openers Custom Branded

Your logo printed on our promotional bottle opener range

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing a cool and refreshing bottle of your favourite beverage yet not have the facilities with which to access the contents? This dilemma has faced many over the centuries with a variety of dubious means being employed to overcome the obstacle. However by gifting your clients and business contacts promotional bottle openers you can be the solution to this age-old problem. Whether it be a custom bottle opener which is made to your specific requirements or an off the shelf branded bottle opener which you make your own with effective printing or laser engraving, the whole market segment is full of products which meet the fundamental needs of the average consumer or business associate. Do you need help in deciding which promotional bottle opener would best suit your requirements? FREECALL 1800 129 999 to speak with one of our consultants.

    Using Bottle Openers in Marketing & Promotions

    A bottle opener is an item that many people will have on hand, whether they work in a bar or restaurant or simply use their products at home. A beer or soft drink bottle that requires a bottle opener is not rare, and the easiest way to enjoy these beverages is with a reliable bottle opener to make easy work of cracking open the beverage. Because these are items so widely used, they make excellent small stages for branding, and as recipients use their bottle opener, it can be a particular brand they think of while enjoying their favourite beverages. Or alternatively another great option is a promotional keyring bottle opener which becomes a personal companion with your branding. For convenience there are few better bottle opener ideas going round.

    Bottle openers are exceptionally affordable items, and brands both big and small can appreciate using them for marketing purposes. The exposure a brand is able to achieve with a promotional bottle opener is exceptional when comparing visibility to price, and companies need not overextend their marketing budgets to gain awareness when using these pieces. Those in the hospitality industry or those who sell bottled beverages can especially appreciate the use of promotional bottle openers in marketing, as these are items which will be used by those who enjoy the products that these companies produce.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Bottle openers are often made of metal to remain durable long enough to withstand many uses, however their casing may be made of plastic, hard rubber, or a variety of other materials. Bottle openers can come in a variety of different shapes, and a brand or establishment will be able to find a type that best suits their branding needs with the vast number of unique piece manufactured.

    Laser engraving and pad printing are the two most common methods of branding on bottle openers, with pad printing being popular with plastic items and laser engraving for those made of various metals. The print areas located on these pieces are often on the front side of the products’ handles to allow for visibility each time the opener is used. For widespread distribution, inexpensive bottle openers may be manufactured and branded using either method to allow a brand to give these promotional products to wider audiences while staying under a marketing budget. If a more exclusive or executive gift is desired, high end models may also be branded to create a product with the ability to make a substantial impact.

    Bottle Opener Case Study

    A beverage company included a branded bottle opener with its new line of summer ale, and these items were packaged in a way that allowed them to be visible, yet secure, on each six pack. The company quickly found out that the promotional bottle openers were a big hit when their sales numbers for the new brew were shattering their initial expectations.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Bottle openers are small, and even those of heavier materials may be able to be shipped affordably in large numbers. If a brand wishes to take a more personal approach to distribution, giving these products out by hand to recipients is both easy and effective.

    Bottle Openers
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