Promotional Bottled Water With Custom Label


Promotional bottled water is a must have branding opportunity for conferences, events and anywhere that hydration and thirst are essential components of a successful day out. Custom printed bottled water is exactly what it says it is and it makes sense to brand your own bottles of water rather than promote the product and message of a beverage company. With your own label on promotional water you not only take advantage of the prominent branding available with this style of packaging. By volume and units custom label water is one of our most popular products. Think about it... everyone needs a drink more regularly than they eat and the large scale custom branding area available on the custom printed labels on each bottle make an unmissable display. Whether you;re planning an outdoor event, attending a trade show of would just rather hand out bottled water with your logo on display than pay for a retail brand promotional water is one of those must-have products every marketer should keep on hand

    Promotional Bottled Water - A Marketing Essential

    It looks professional and shows attention to detail to have everyone in the room drinking promotional water which ties the details of the event together. Whether it's for a wedding or sports event promotional bottled water has a place at every table. There are plenty of ways to put these bottles to use and your customers or guests will definitely appreciate the hydration opportunities they offer. If you want something different that is going to make an impression, bottled water might be the perfect tool.

    Guide to Using Custom Bottled Water In Promotional Activity

    Bottled water can come in handy at any outdoor company event, and when these products are branded they can also serve as moving promotional pieces for the company whose logo they bear. Bottled water is an inexpensive yet useful promotional product that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, and when these products are carried around a location, all those in the vicinities of recipients will be able to see the pieces along with the logos printed on their bottles.

    Brands of any industry can appreciate marketing with bottled water, and those in healthcare to those in education may use these items at a plethora of different events. A school can sell these branded water bottles during sports games or outdoor days in order to raise funds for a particular team or program, or a pet rescue facility can use them to provide to guests who may come to an adoption event; no matter the use of a branded bottle of water, these are items that are able to appeal to any audience. Branded bottles of water are also inexpensive, and this allows a brand a way to promote themselves effectively without spending too much. These pieces may be gifted to guests or sold in order to raise funds, but either method will still provide the exposure a brand is looking to achieve.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Promotional bottled water will typically come in a recyclable plastic bottle with a sturdy plastic cap, and this allows the bottle to be disposed of properly and held safely while not in use. These bottled water pieces may also come in plain water or flavoured water varieties, allowing the brand their choice in just which types of products they wish to adorn with their logo and provide.

    On bottled water, the wrapper that is located on the body of the item will typically serve as the print area, and this allows the branding to be seen during all stages of use. When a recipient takes a sip of their water, or when they simply carry it around a location, the printed wrapper will remain visible to all those who may surround them. Screen printing is used to place brand images, company names, or logos onto bottled water, and this allows imagery to be showcased in a full range of crisp colours. A company can choose any number of pieces of information to adorn their bottles of water with, and the screen print will display them in an aesthetically pleasing way for all to see.

    Promotional Case Study

    A pet adoption centre held an adoption day promotion at a local part to invite members of the community to meet the animals they have available at the facility. Branded water bottles were sold for two dollars at the event, and the profits from the water went to the upkeep of the centre and the care of its animals. The adoption day was a major success, and the brand was able to raise a significant amount of money on the sale of bottled water alone.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Because these bottles contain liquid, hand distribution is often recommended for giving to recipients.

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