Promotional Bouncy Balls Custom Printed


Remember the classic jet balls and super balls you played with as a kid. Well now the range of products is called bouncy balls and we have a bunch of them direct from the USA complete with high quality custom branding. These custom bouncy balls are ideal for kids' promotional products or even for old timers who want to recapture a little of their youth. Each of the models shown is available in a range of custom colours and also with quality branding in up to four imprint colours.

    Using Bouncy Balls in Marketing & Promotions

    A great way to have your logo bouncing around the room and ricocheting off the walls. Give Fresh Promotions jet ball and superball experts a call right now on 1800 129 999 to talk about the best model for your marketing activity.

    Bouncy Balls Appeal To All Ages

    Bouncy balls are exciting items for kids, and even some adults are unable to resist seeing how high they can bounce and catch these interesting little products. A bouncy ball is a toy that can be used to occupy a child in a variety of different situations, and when branded, the messaging located on the ball may be seen by various audiences. Because they are so inexpensive, a bouncy ball may be given as a single promotional gift or as part of a children’s gift bag. A company looking to appeal to children could include these items along with other inexpensive branded choices in order to offer a complete gift with the potential to entertain children as well as spread the word about their brand.

    A promotional bouncy ball can be used effectively in marketing by many different industries, and if a company is looking to please children as well as parents, this may be just the branded item they are looking for. Those in education, children’s toy sellers, or retail establishments can put their name or logo onto a bouncy ball in an effort to appropriately market to their target family audiences without breaking their budget as they supply a product sure to be played with.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Bouncy balls are typically made of condensed rubber able to give the product that signature bounce it’s so well known for. While they materials used in manufacture may not have many variations, the styles and sizes of these toys can vary greatly, and a brand can create a promotional ball perfect for attracting their target audiences with the options available. Bouncy balls made to look like sports balls, those that look like animals, glitter bouncy balls, and balls designed to showcase certain pop culture trends may be branded to create a trendy item appealing to a wide range of kids. For a more traditional bouncy ball style, plain bouncy balls of all colours can be branded to make a classic item for universal appeal.

    Pad printing is the most common print method used in branding bouncy balls, and the print area reserved for a logo or design may be on one or both sides of the ball. Bouncy balls are normally constructed with two halves of rubber material joined by a seam, and the sides of the ball will be what remains visible when the toys are played with, so allowing these sides to act as a print area is one sure way to get branding seen.

    Bouncy Balls Case Study

    An arcade looking for ticket prizes had a variety of branded bouncy balls made to provide a prize for patrons looking to trade in 200 tickets or more. The low ticket value paired with the selection of balls made these items some of the most popular in their prize cabinet, and they could be seen being played with all around the area inside and outside of the establishment.

    Shipping & Manufacture

    Bouncy balls are small and can be kept to low weights even in bulk numbers, and this makes shipping these products a breeze. Hand distribution may be sought if a brand wishes to make a more personal connection using these items.

    Bouncy Balls
    Minimal Price: $3.60