Promotional Card Files Custom Printed

While personal contact is declining in our community being replaced by electronic communication, the traditional printed business card still presents as a vision of certainty in an increasingly digital world. For this reason your investment in promotional card holders is more than simply a giveaway, it's a certain point of reference between your organisation and another. Branded cardholders come in a range of styles. Generally they're inexpensive but upmarket styles which highlight the value of this personal gift are also available.

    using Card Holders in Marketing & Promotions

    In business you never know where the next sale is going to come from so all channels of communication are important. If you give the right person a promotional card holder with you card inside, one simple viewing and a followup phone call can make all the difference to the overall performance of your business. The small investment you make in packaging your business card inside in a printed card holder can be the different between being remembered and disappearing into the haze. To learn more about the range and branding options available, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with a consultant.

    How Card Holders Can Build Your Brand Awareness

    A card holder makes easy work of keeping business cards crisp and clean while on the go, and these items may be branded to allow recipients to show off a particular logo each time they pull out their card holder to give another person their information. Card holders can come in both affordable and executive varieties, and no matter the model chosen, these are products that do their job well whether sitting in an office drawer or in a bag or pocket while on the go.

    Any company can brand a card holder for promotional use, and this is due to how these may be used by professionals of any kind. Those in education, sales, construction, or a multitude of other industries can use these holders to carry their business cards wherever their business may take them. Card holders may also be given as part of a corporate gift package, but they are substantial enough to stand alone as well. When crafting a package around a branded card holder, a person would only need to include a few other office supplies to create a set sure to make a major marketing impact.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Card holders can be made from many different materials, however hard plastics and metal are the two most common manufacture options. Plastic card holders tend to be the more affordable variety, and these can come in a plethora of different colours to suit a brand’s particular marketing need. For an executive option, metals such as steel or aluminium may be chosen for a card holder, and these create a sleek and refined look sure to catch any eye.

    Branding may be added to the print area of a card holder using either laser engraving or pad printing. Laser engraving is a method that uses laser technology to etch a brand design or name into the surface of the metal itself, and this branding option provides a way for the branding on an item to last as long as the items themselves. Pad printing provides the benefit of colour, and this method applies a print of a design onto the surface of a card holder product. With pad printing, a company may choose any colour that best suits their brand. The print areas on these pieces are typically located on the front lid area of the holder, and this gives the branding a way to be seen during all steps of use.

    Promotional Card File Case Study

    A financial company gave branded metal card holders to members of their sales team before an upcoming conference. As team members traded information with those in other companies, their card recipients were impressed with the branded holders and often wanted to inspect the products. At the following year’s conference, many brands had their own branded card holders and the products became a big hit.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Because these are used to hold business cards, promotional card holders are small and easy to pack items, so they may be shipped to recipients affordably should this distribution method be chosen. Personal distribution by hand is also effective, and these may be carried conveniently even in large numbers.

    Card Holders
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