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Everyone loves button badges because they are fun, cheap and highly visible. As a fun way to show off your company and market your business, a button badge is about the most cost-effective way imaginable. The humble button badge is available in a wide range of styles from LED flashing button badges with built in mini battery through to large button badges which work brilliantly as point of sales devices worn by staff announcing offers important to shoppers or customers. A long-time favourite badge of the political class, promotional button badges will work for you for the same reason. Designed the right way they make lasting fashion items which can be easily seen from a distance and cost only cents to produce and distribute.

    Using Button Badges in Marketing & Promotions

    With a wide range of button badge sizes available there's something here for every purpose. Ideal for employee uniforms, commemorating special events, building brand awareness and just for a bit of fun, there are few marketing activities which aren't enhanced with the judicious use of custom button badges. From basic button name badges and logo buttons to light-up styles that turn heads, there is something for every marketer. FreeCall 1800 129 999 now to learn more about our range of promotional button badges custom printed with your logo or design.

    Guide to Using Promotional Button Badges in Brand Marketing

    Large scale, prominent and cheap to produce are characteristics anyone would seek from a promotional device. It's for these reasons that promotional button badges have become a mainstay of the marketing business. Useful as pieces of point of sale or directional signage, fashion accessories or even as signs of authority and membership there are few niches into which a custom printed button badge will not secure nestle.

    Button badges have also been part of the democratic process for generations. Candidates have enjoyed having the images and campaign slogans displayed on button badges which have been worn by supporters and staff as a means of supporting their preferred representative. Today button badges are still as important at a personal level as they were when other media options were not available for political promotional activity.

    The first appearance of button badges seems to have occurred in 1896 where an item called a patent for a "pin back badge" was registered. Buttons of different styles were used by political parties for more than 200 years prior to this date but the attachment systems were different while the design on which the registered patent was based is still much like button badges we see today. Abraham Lincoln is considered a political icon of the modern United States and it's perhaps no surprise that he was also the first recorded politician in the world to have his own photographic likeness applied to button badges and distributed amongst high level supporters.

    What are Button Badges Made From?

    Traditionally button badges have been made from pressed steel with an outer printed layer held in place with a thin clear coat. In the past this clear substrate was most likely cellophane while today a transparent polyurethane film is held in place and tensioned behind the face of each badge. Some button badge styles are directly printed, usually cheaper versions which require only a single colour in the design and are mass produced with a single objective or event in mind. Along with pressed metal badges made from fine rolled steel there are LED button badges which light up and flash depending on their design or plastic injection moulded styles which are cheaper and appropriate for overprint.

    How are Button Badges made?

    One of the great advantages of button badge branding is the ability to print economically in full colour. As button badge images are generally printed first on a piece of paper and then applied to the metal bade the opportunity exists to take advantage of the relatively low cost of offset printing to facilitate mass production. These days colour photocopiers also offer a cheap way to produce full colour badge designs at a low unit cost. Once the image has been printed using a circular template to establish the borders of the design the finished artwork is cut from the form with either a stamping die or cutting blade. Each button badge is then pressed to the metal badge shape and crimped at the back so a clean, smooth branding surface is visible.

    Three Button Badges Marketing Ideas

    Sponsorships: Let everyone know who is supporting your cause and whose side they're on using these high visibility badges. As a cheap reward for supporting and sponsoring a club or organisation they are hard to beat.
    Fundraiser: Give away a button badge which may only cost twenty or thirsty cents per unit as a "thank you" gift to donors and financial supporters of your organisation. Not only do they have an attractive memento but their support will be obvious to other members of their community.
    Product Launch Teaser:To remind people of an upcoming event or planned launch of a new product a cheap and cheerful promotional button badge gift is an idea which has been proven to work in past years. For retailers an up and coming sale or event can simply be promoted by shop-floor staff wearing a promotional button badge announcing the upcoming event to build awareness with shoppers.

    Button Badges
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