Promotional Cafe & Market Umbrellas Printed


As guerilla signage nothing beats a cafe umbrella. Used for years by beverage companies, on first appearances they are a simple and effective means of providing shade or protection from the weather. As local councils become more concerned about external signage and attempt to solve the problem through taxation, something as simple as a custom printed cafe umbrella is a way to have your message seen by hundreds of passers by daily. Large scale, stylish and decor enhancing, putting your logo on a cafe or market umbrella is a proven way to take advantage of unused branding space while making a statement about the stylishness of your logo.

    Using Cafe & Market Umbrellas in Marketing & Promotions

    It's not only in hospitality and retail that cafe umbrellas have promotional values.  Your company can use them as part of sports sponsorships, when running external events or simply to provide and comfort for staff in an outdoor rest area. Available in a range of material from canvas to vinyl, promotional market umbrellas are a signage and outdoor solution which have maintained their popularity for decades. To learn more about the styles and how to brand them FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with a consultant.

    Using Cafe & Market Umbrellas to Build Brand Awareness

    Cafe umbrellas can allow outdoor eating and resting areas to remain comfortable and safe for use even in inclement weather conditions, and these pieces may also act as beacons for the brands whose logos are placed onto them. A café umbrella is the type of umbrella seen most often in outdoor eateries, and marketing with these products can be best appreciated by those in the hospitality industries.

    During the warmer months, outdoor sections at eateries and cafés are often used to attract patrons who may wish to sit and enjoy a meal or beverage while still taking advantage of the pleasant weather outdoors, and these sections should be kept comfortable in order to lure customers in. Café umbrellas are the key component to keeping a comfortable outdoor café, and the branding placed on these products may be seen far and wide as individuals walk by the establishment or sit down to relax. Café umbrellas aren’t exclusively reserved for those in the hospitality industry, however, as these can be used in outdoor markets or during sidewalk sales as well. Those in the retail business may brand and use a café umbrella to keep their outdoor sales area cool and shaded for customers as it also notifies potential customers of their location.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Café umbrellas are made with various water resistant fabrics in order to keep those underneath dry, and this fabric is typically attached to the umbrella structure using metal or wooden beams. A long pole will reach from the canopy to the ground to hold the umbrella in place, and this portion may be made from any assortment of different materials. Some café umbrella styles may even have a weighted bottom to stay grounded in its location if it is not to be placed within a table or into soft ground for support.

    The fabric canopy of the umbrella will serve as a print area, and branding may be placed on each section for maximum visibility. This print area style allows those all around the umbrella to see the branding placed on these items, and from any angle the umbrella will be able to do its job in effective marketing. Screen printing is the most common print method used with café umbrellas, and this is due to the quality of print that the method is able to achieve on fabric materials. With screen printing, a brand can have their logo or company name printed in any variety of crisp and clean colours.

    Promotional Case Study

    A café with an outdoor eating area placed branded café umbrellas at all of their tables during the warm months in order to keep customers comfortable while they were enjoying their meals. The umbrellas also acted as advertisement pieces for the café, and more customers began coming in to try the establishment after seeing the branding on the umbrellas from a distance.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Café umbrellas are large items, which makes them often unaffordable in terms of shipping. Hand distribution is often desired in order to keep costs low.

    Cafe Umbrellas
    Minimal Price: $46.50