Promotional Calculators Custom Printed

Surely one of the great labour saving devices of the late twentieth century is the personal calculator. It was only forty years ago that a Comptometrist was a profession, now with the wonders of mass production everybody can have their own cheap calculators and operate them without a degree from a technical college. Promotional calculators have a place in every office, at every workstation and desk. Branding a calculator and providing it as a personal gift is a sure fire way to ensure your logo is viewed and recognised.

    Using Calculators in Marketing & Promotions

    With hundreds of calculator styles available there is something that suits every budget and promotional objective. From small credit card size models which fit in a wallet or a purse all the way through to metal cased desk models suitable for use as office gifts. To learn more about how an investment in promotional calculators adds up for your company FreeCall 1800 129 999 to speak with a calculating Fresh Promotions consultant.

    Guide to Using Calculators In Promotional Activity

    No matter the type of office a person works in, every professional can make use of a handy calculator. By placing branding on one of these items, a company can ensure their logo is seen many times throughout the day, allowing these products to be extremely effective in terms of marketing. Ideal gifts for those in finance or sales departments, a calculator may be branded by companies of any industry and given to those who may need them to perform their daily tasks.

    Calculators aren’t strictly reserved for professionals, however, and people will use calculators often throughout their personal lives. When grocery shopping or budgeting a household’s finances, a person may use a calculator to make sure all of their figures are correct. Students will also often use calculators while doing assignments or projects, and this helps them to focus on the formulas in more complex equations rather than mistakes in simple steps. When a person uses a branded calculator the branding on the item will be visible during all steps of use, and these are products often shared as well. When a recipient shares their calculator in a personal or professional setting, the branding placed on the item will then be visible to other audiences, thereby taking a brand name or logo and helping to spread it even further.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Calculators may be made from plastics or metal, and often they will be manufactured using a combination of the two when considering the hardware held inside. For buttons and accent pieces, rubber materials may be used to ensure comfort during use. Small solar panels will often adorn promotional calculators, and this allows them to run off of solar energy rather than strictly battery power.

    The branding area on a promotional calculator is typically placed on the face of the item, or it may be placed on the lid as well should the calculator come with a cover. The branding area is the area reserved for the printing of a particular company name or logo, and this region is always kept in the forefront of an item for optimal visibility. Pad printing is the most common printing method, and this gives a brand a way to place their logo or name onto the face of the calculator in highly visible colour. With pad printing, any colour may be chosen, but the number of colours selected for one piece may be limited.

    Promotional Calculators Case Study

    A school provided branded calculators to their mathematics departments for students to use during class time. Both children and teachers alike appreciated the available calculators, and their use allowed class times to be spent focusing on learning new formulas rather than fixing preventable mistakes. After hearing of the success of these calculators and how they helped students, nearby schools began providing their own branded models hoping for the same result.

    Shipping & Distribution of Calculators

    If packaged carefully, calculators may be shipped safely and affordably to recipients. To ensure the pieces get to recipients without being damaged, hand distribution is often recommended.

    Minimal Price: $4.00