Promotional Calendars Custom Printed

Besides the obvious information it carries calendars can be used to make appointments, dates and remind us of connections with others. Placing your branding on a calendar which sits on a desk or a wall is a way of bring focus to your brand in the here and now. Whether it's a wall calendar carrying landscape scenes or images from your favourite sport or a compact pocket calendar which can be carried about for easy reference, there is a style of promotional calendar suitable for your branding. While electronic accessories appear to have reduced the need for traditional printed calendars there are still just as many walls and desks out there as ever which require decoration. Your challenge in marketing with promotional is to lure your clients into placing them in these positions in their office

    Using Calendars in Marketing & Promotions

    Calendars are often displayed as very public items, and whether a person is in a personal or professional setting, these products can be of great use on a day to day basis. A person will commonly keep track of dates, occasions, events, and appointments on their calendar, and placing branding on these items is one sure way to guarantee a logo or company name will be noticed on a daily basis.

    Because calendars come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, they can be displayed in a multitude of ways. Wall calendars will be hung from a wall in an office or home, desk calendars will be displayed on a desk or table top, and magnet calendars will rest on a refrigerator or piece of metal furniture, but what all calendars have in common is their way to be placed in an area where all will see them easily. Brands of all industries can use wall calendars for marketing purposes, and this is due to how usable these products are to a vast array of different recipients. Audiences of all types can appreciate the use of a calendar in either a personal or professional setting, so all types of brands can use these products to promote themselves and get their name into the conscious of the public.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Branded calendars are commonly made from high gloss paper, and this paper may be attached to a cardboard stand, wire binding, or a magnetic strip depending on what type of calendar is chosen. This type of paper is chosen to provide a glossy and sophisticated finish which provides a way for the brand images to stand out when being viewed at all angles. For both single and multi-page calendars, print areas will adorn the front of each page. In this area is where the printing of a logo or company name will go, and areas are always chosen to provide maximum visibility.

    Either full colour digital printing or screen printing may be used to create and apply brand images, and these options provide methods which allow brand imaging to stand out on the piece. With digital or screen printing, a full spectrum of vivid colours may be used to create the images shown, and this will give an eye-popping appeal ideal for marketing through garnering attention.

    Promotional Calendar Case Study

    A doctor’s office gave patients promotional wall calendars at the beginning of the year as they came in for their check-ups and appointments. The gesture was widely appreciated by patients, and they often used the calendars to keep track of their upcoming appointments throughout the year. Each page of the 12 month calendar was also adorned with the office’s contact information so recipients could find the number to call easily.

    Shipping & Distribution of Calendars

    Calendars are paper products, and this means that they are incredibly lightweight and very easy to ship. If a brand is looking to make a more personal connection with recipients, they may also be carried conveniently even in bulk numbers for hand distribution.

    Minimal Price: $3.70