Ceremonial Gifts with Custom Branding


Ceremonial gifts are the centrepieces of a dedication or awards ceremony, giving participants and attendees a tangible reminder of the great day of celebration.  If you're planning to open a new building, a mine site or have a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of construction of a new building there is a ceremonial product style here to make everyone happy and create mementos of the big event. Any ceremony or celebration will benefit from having custom ceremonial gifts as part of the event. Whether as a gift for dignitaries in attendance, the staff and supporters who have made it all possible or to donors offering a commemorative product as part of the process of celebration and endorsement is a great way to keep everyone focussed on what's happening. Our custom branded range of items perfect for your next commemorative event covers everything you require to make sure everyone has fond memories of the milestone you celebrated together.

    Using Ceremonial Gifts in Marketing & Promotions

    During grand openings, company parties, or other special events, one may want to not only represent their brand in a professional and sophisticated way, but also provide something to guests to help to commemorate the event which just occurred in a special way. Ceremonial gifts are comprised of a variety of different items to allow a company to have their ceremony or event go more smoothly while representing their brand each step of the way.

    A ceremony is often attended by a wide variety of different people, from employees to the press, and this provides the perfect setting for promotion and marketing. When ceremonial gifts are branded in these situations, not only will all in attendance be exposed to a brand, but these items may make their way into newspaper photos or social media posts as well, placing the brand imaging in a very public position. Those in attendance, as well as those who may see the photos later on, will be able to know just what brand was in charge of this event by simply seeing the creative branding located on a range of different items, creating easy exposure to a vast audience. Any type of industry may be able to appreciate the use of ceremonial gifts in marketing, and these may range from police and fire departments to retail stores having their own grand opening events.

    Gift Manufacture & Branding

    A brand has a multitude of ceremonial gifts to choose from, and whether they are looking for commemorative tokens or coins, or something like a ribbon or ceremonial scissors for a grand opening, the branding on each item will always stand front and centre.

    Coins, scissors, and plaques will most commonly be manufactured using a variety of different high quality metals. Not only do these materials allow the products to remain durable with a long life span, but they add to the aesthetic appeal as well. These high end options give the look of quality and sophistication that is so often desired in a professional ceremony environment. When it comes to branding, these products may be laser engraved or custom die cast depending on the item and a brand's budget. Custom ribbons, tissue paper, and other inexpensive ceremonial goods are able to be branded to represent a particular company as well. These may be used in a variety of different situations, and can be customised using a screen printing process in order to display a desired logo or name.

    Ceremonial Gift Case Study

    A retail store opening their first location in a new area had a grand opening celebration complete with ribbon cutting. The store used branded scissors and ribbon for the cutting, and the local media was there to print photos of the event in a newspaper. Although the pictures cut off the sign above the store, the logo and name were still very visible on the ribbon included in the photograph, allowing the brand to still be noticed in the publication.

    Shipping, Distribution & Storage

    Large, bulky items like ceremonial shovels take up a lot of room so overnight freight is the best answer, unless of course they're needed urgently and have to be sent by air to the final destination. For smaller items, like ribbons, scissors, or commemorative tokens, shipping can be done conveniently and affordably. However, due to these being ceremonial items, better impact is often made when these are distributed and received by hand.

    Ceremonial Gifts
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