Cheap Promotional Flash Drives Custom Printed


Save space and marketing budget with our range of cheap flash drives. The only thing which is a better for data storage than the traditional value memory sticks is an even cheaper style. The range includes so many styles you'll be able to find the perfect USB model which is equipped with the same memory chips and technical levels of proven reliability as more expensive options. Either as a budget option for employee use or as an economic way to provide a digital catalogue or information source to potential clients, no matter your intentions you can count on the range on offer.

    Using Cheap USB Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    Cheap promotional flash drives are easy to customise with your logo or brand. Available in memory capacities from 1gb through to 16gb there is a colour, form, casing style and memory capacity on offer which will satisfy your business needs at every level. Take advantage of our Free Design Service and No Set-Up Charge Offer for budget prices USB flash drives and get even greater value from our cheap flash drives options.

    Cheap Flash Drives Keep Your Budget in Line

    A flash drive is a product that can come pre-loaded or blank, and these handy little gadgets allow recipients to take digital information with them wherever they may need to go. The purpose of a flash drive is to be able to travel, and this travel ability allows these products the potential to be seen by a wide range of different individuals. A brand may decide to pre-load their promotional flash drives with all types of information, and this comes in handy in marketing when a brand wants to keep their consumer base informed while providing a bit of a “wow” factor. Unlike brochures or information booklets, a flash drive has the ability to further interest recipients, and they may also be able to use the devices for their own benefit long after they read the information contained within.

    Those in the tech industry can best benefit from marketing with these devices, as these will most often appeal to tech savvy individuals. As a recipient travels with their cheap flash drive, others will be able to see the branding adorning these pieces, and this gives a brand a way to achieve a great deal of exposure for a minimal and affordable price. Cheap flash drives are also excellent promotional item choices for brands looking to reach a wide range of individuals without overspending on their marketing budget.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Cheap flash drives can be made from many different materials, and these could be plastics, metals, or even silicone that is used to create wearable bracelets with the devices. Because all of these options are made to be affordable, a brand can have their choice of cheap flash drive material while still remaining in budget for promotional marketing. The various materials used to manufacture these flash drives are made to be durable, as these are products meant for travel, and no matter which material is chosen, a brand can feel confident that they are built to last.

    Laser engraving and pad printing are the two most common print options when it comes to these devices, and while one allows a brand to promote their company in bright colour, the other is a method that is guaranteed to remain visible for the life of the device. Laser engraving will engrave the branding into the material of the flash drive, creating an elegant aesthetic, while pad printing places the design onto the device in a brand’s choice of colour.

    Promotional Case Study

    A web hosting service wanted to inform clients of the new improvements they were making to their services, and decided to send their current clients all cheap flash drives pre-loaded with a presentation on what changes were to be expected. Not only were the improvements and upgrades well received, but recipients were very impressed with the professional presentation the flash drives were able to achieve.

    Shipping & Distribution

    These flash drives are exceptionally small and affordable to ship vast distances as well as easy to hand distribute.

    Cheap Flash Drives
    Minimal Price: $6.00