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The only thing better than great promotional products are great cheap promotional products. As cost-effectiveness is one of the hallmarks of promotional marketing it makes sense that extending the value proposition can only work in your favour. In this category you'll find examples of many of the classic merchandise classes all at a great price and all supplied with custom branding. Cheap giveaways are proven ways to build traffic at trade shows just as a cost-effective and well targeted premium is a sure fire way to encourage incremental purchase of trial. The secret of successful value-add marketing is to offer a gift with purchase which has a far higher apparent value than its cost. Depending on your plans there's something here for every budget as well further discounts for extending production lead-time and volume. Give us enough lead-time and a decent volume and anything you see on the website can be delivered through our international supply chain as a cheap promotional items option.

    Using Cheap Promotional Products in Marketing & Promotions

    For cost-effective connection with your client base budget branded merchandise offers the best of both worlds. It's like any other marketing supplies you might source. If it avoids the pitfall of detracting from brand equity the cheaper a well targeted product can be sourced, the greater it's relative effectiveness. If you have a budget and are looking to extend your return on investment with great value custom merchandise contact us right now because discount offers are crossing our desks every day. If you can successfully employ the range of products on offer here to crack the promotions puzzle - spend a dollar and make two back - you're on your way to business success.

    Branded Products Which Won't Break Your Budget

    When tough economic times are around, as they have for the last few years companies seek paths through the worst of the fallout. Cost savings and downsizing of activity is instinctive but a more effective way to ensure that there is a company future is to work smarter, stretching resources further. A company can maintain market share and profitability in the tough times and flower into a bounty of profit growth and market share when the inevitable end of the down-cycle appears. This cheap promotional products user guide recommends ways in which the successful sourcing of budget priced branded merchandise is a proven way to offset the worst effects of a financial downturn.

    Promotional merchandise is sometimes called "premiums" which gets to the heart of the real strength one can achieve from utilising cheap giveaways and handouts effectively. Say for instance you can get your hands on some discount merchandise which costs you only $2 per unit delivered. Imagine at the same time that this product has an apparent retail value of $10. By bundling this item with your own product or service you are increasing the apparent value of the offer you are making to your market by $10 at a cost of only $2. That is a 500% return on your investment and the benefits to your company and the bottom line don't just stop there.

    Enhance Brand Value with Discount Branded Merchandise

    Consumer perceptions of the value of a deal can be motivated by premium value enhancement. But there is more to the process than simply handing over an item with an altered price-tag. Also critical is integration bundled brand values. For example, in the alcoholic beverage markets the prospect of hot weather is always top of mind. Traditionally the offer of a simple promotional stubby cooler or drink holder with the product branding can motivate additional sales upwards of 40%. Adding a drink holder which keeps the beverage cool and refreshing is not only offering a viable incentive to existing clients, it is making the whole package of the two items greater than the sum of the individual parts.

    This sort of leverage is exactly what canny marketing companies need to be looking for when the economic storm clouds gather. Not only can sales be increased and greater brand value unlocked, but the whole process can add to the incremental values of the organisation and the brands you promote. Rather than being a cheap stop gap measure which is conducted without thought, the ways to use great value promotional products as part of a successful campaign are many and varied, but it is certainly not as difficult to achieve a positive, double bottom line result as many people may traditionally believe based on a jaundiced view of promotional marketing.

    Great Value Promotional Gear is Available From Across The Globe

    While it may be the case that there is a lot of local stock available which is very difficult to move and is priced at a point which makes its application to cost effective marketing problematic, the supply chains managed by Fresh Promotions which bring suitable stock from the four corners of the globe is a way of finding exactly the right product at exactly the right price point to drive your marketing budget into positive territory. The best way to get what you need is to approach a competent promotions company and give them a full brief which includes brand objectives and unit budgets. This is precisely the point at which a professional organisation will prove itself to have value beyond its ability to ship and pad print promotional specials.

    While most people appear to believe that something which is on "special" is cheap or great value, the clever marketer realises there are many versions of how these terms can be defined. Cheap can simply be a matter of monetary assessment. It's half the price it was a week ago, and so therefore it's cheap. Of course we know that the big picture is the only lens through which it's possible to make a full and frank assessment of the "cheapness: or "value" or a purchase. For while it may appear that buying those special pens was a great idea because they only cost 20 cents each. But perhaps the many of them which ran out of ink in a few minutes which were handed to existing clients, had more of a negative effect on their perceptions of the value of your product range. If your great new pens ran out of ink in a couple of minutes, what's to say this is not a reflection of the reliability of your entire cheap product range. Now those 20 cent pens only have to cost you a couple of sales or create a little uncertainty with your clients for you to realise that in fact there was no saving, but a loss to the bottom line and a reduction in brand equity.

    Match the Right Promotional Product Discounts with the Right Marketing Outlook

    Who doesn't need to contain costs? Particularly when it comes to marketing where costs need to be contained to financially justify promotional activity. That's why the great range of value product styles are able to bridge the gap in traditional marketing activity between general advertising and retail promotion. A cheap promotional product is an ideal way to get the attention of a market segment which is not responding or contain the costs of a communication activity which may have limited long-term value. Preserve your budget by minimising cost per enquiry and the likelihood of a positive result is is higher and more trackable than from general advertising activity.

    Advertise Your Business Cost Effectively

    By offering branded promotional items to people within your community you are reaching potential new customers and letting them know about what your business does while reinforcing that you are still in business to old customers who have frequented your establishment in the past. A small personal gift is a far more effective way to have your localised message appreciated than a generalised announcement without specific focus.

    Advertising budgets tend to be one of the first things cut at a business when the economy starts to take a downturn. Even though these budgets are cut, advertising professionals still need a way to market their business. Cheap branded merchandise offered to people throughout the community in which that business is located is a proven way to concentrate local demand and attention. There are many great value choices not listen on these pages otherwise it would get too confusing!

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