Promotional Childrens' Clothing Custom Branding


Whether you market to the younger audience or their parents promotional kid's clothing is a way to make friends and influence purchase decision makers. With dozens of garment styles from dress gear and novelty clothing to baby essentials there are dozens of colours and styles of apparel which will carry your company logo to youth regardless of your objectives. Whether you intend to sell or use clothing for children as a marketing premium or just hand them out as gifts kid's clothing is a proven way to attract the attention of the younger generation and the gratitude and emotional acceptance of their parents.

    Using Childrens' promotional Garments in Marketing & Promotions

    The custom children's garment range here are viable as retail clothing lines in tourist or souvenir outlets just as they are proven winners for youth sports teams and community organisations. If you can market to children with clothing that you sell or give away, it's a great way to make an impression with them and their parents who have one less clothing item on the shopping list after you provide something of high wearability. Why not use kids, who need clothes anyway, to build your brand? With our selection of promotional children's apparel you can offer the market any number of solutions There are sizes, styles, and colours for all children with printing and customisation options to match.

    Why use Childrens' Clothing in Promotional Activity?

    Promotional children’s clothing allows kids to have a great piece to wear, while adults will be able to appreciate the message that the apparel sends. And with an effective branding message comes effective marketing. These pieces can be given as gifts with the purchase of another item in a retail location, or to show sponsorship for children’s groups, teams, or schools.

    What Materials are Used?

    Children’s clothing can be made from many different materials, with the most popular being either cotton or polycotton. Cotton is a premium option that offers non-allergenic properties as well as a cool fit to keep kids comfortable in warm weather or during activities. Polycotton is typically more affordable and this material is notably easy to clean as well as long-lasting. For personal names, such as those used on sponsored shirts for children’s sports teams, an embroidery process is used to personalise each shirt or other small item. If large scale display is desired, a screen printing is used to place a particular brand image or message on each piece of apparel.

    Using Kids' Clothing in Personal Marketing

    Branded children’s clothing may be used to garner attention from parents about a particular brand or service, or it may be used to represent sponsorships for various children’s groups or teams.The hospitality industry may use branded children’s clothing to represent a specialty or promotion offered by the establishment, those in education may brand children’s clothing to unify a group or advertise sponsorships offered to the school group, and those in the childcare industry appreciate the use of these shirts to market their childcare services to other parents. If desired, custom fabric patterns and colours may be chosen to individually represent a brand. In many cases, a shelf-ready item is chosen and branding remains the main focus on each piece of apparel.

    Case Study

    In one instance of use, a local charity provided branded shirts to children participating in a walk-a-thon event in which they were required to walk around an oval to raise money for an organisation. These children were to be sponsored by the community in their efforts, and shirts of bright colours were given to the children to wear while participating in fundraising efforts. These shirts attracted various members of the community and their support for the event soon followed.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to the many different sizes required, it can be difficult to keep a stock of apparel suitable to fit every child. It is recommended that these pieces are ordered as needed, and that focus is placed on simpler items, such as headwear or T-shirts, to keep the sizing requirements easy and achieve better fitting promotional apparel items.

    Childrens' Clothing
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