Promotional Chocolates Custom Personalised & Printed


People love free stuff and people love promotional chocolate. How can you go wrong here? There are so many things that you can get from offering custom chocolates. If you print your name or logo on chocolates and hand them out people will remember and probably come looking for more. You can even keep custom chocolates around your office so that they are handy when you interact with clients or meet new people. It doesn't matter how you use them because they're chocolate everyone in sight will want in on the action. Promotional chocolate is going to be a hit and it's going to get you noticed, no matter what business you're in. Take the time to check out our selection and see what styles you like best. Consider the different full colour printing options and how many ways you can customise these chocolate shapes for your marketing needs. If you really want to stick to the basics and give people something that they will enjoy promotional chocolate is definitely worth a look.

    Using Chocolate in Marketing & Promotions

    Chocolate tends to be universally appealing, and just about any audience can appreciate a bit of this type of sweet. Because the audience for chocolate is so wide, branded chocolates can be used efficiently by companies in any sort of industry. Those in the hospitality business, or those who pride themselves on luxury, can attract potential customers using this treat known to be both comforting and luxurious, while placing themselves in a very particular and pleasant place in the minds of the consumer.

    On the other side of the industry scale, brands in the industries of education or children’s goods can just as effectively use branded chocolate for marketing purposes, as this is a treat that can attract the attention of those of all ages equally. Chocolate has the ability to transcend different demographics with ease, and this allows any brand the opportunity to reach truly unlimited audiences with one affordable promotional product. Chocolate can also travel well as an on-the-go snack, and this can cause a branded chocolate item to go the distance in terms of brand exposure. As a recipient looks for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, they can reach for their promotional chocolate bar or package and simultaneously display the brand’s logo on a much larger stage.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties are available to appeal to individual tastes, and the wrapping or form of the chocolate may also vary depending on a brand’s budget and marketing preferences. For high impact marketing campaigns using promotional chocolate, full bars and chocolate sets can really place a brand in the spotlight in terms of branded chocolate, but smaller pieces can be used as well to cater to larger audiences.

    Promotional chocolates, no matter the type, are individually wrapped in foil, boxes, plastic, or mesh to allow for easy and sanitary distribution. The style and variety of chocolate chosen will determine its individual packaging, and some packaging types may be deemed better than others in terms of convenience when it comes to distributing the products to recipients. Branding may be placed on the packaging or the chocolate itself, allowing a company options in how exactly it should be represented on each promotional piece. Full colour printed wrappers or stickers are found to be most effective, as these will allow the brand message to live on, even after the confections themselves have been consumed.

    Promotional Chocolate Case Study

    As part of a holiday promotion, a retail store inside of a mall decided to give out branded chocolate bars with purchase during the holiday season. The store noticed that more customers seemed to be coming into their store as the promotion continued, all stating that they had witnessed other customers enjoying their chocolate while going about the rest of their shopping, which enticed them to come into the store to investigate for themselves.

    Shipping & Distribution

    During the warmer months of the year, shipping promotional chocolate is not recommended as the pieces may melt before arriving to their destination. Hand distribution will typically help a brand to achieve the greatest, and least messy, impact when marketing with these products.

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