Promotional Desk Clocks Custom Printed

Even in this digital day and age promotional clocks are a must-have in any office.Time is money, but you can get a bit back by using a clock as a way to get your logo into a prominent position in a client's office wall or even a promotional desk clock on their desk. Traditionally a clock was the centrepiece of any self respecting manager's desk though the cost of offering promotional gift clocks was far higher than it is today with advent of mass produced electronic and quartz based clock movements.

    Guide to Using Clocks In Promotional Activity

    There are still many applications for which promotional clocks cannot be beaten by the modern day digital versions. In a factory or workshop wall clocks can be seen by everyone from a distance regardless of the lighting or time of day. Having everyone on the same time-line is an advantage that traditional a promotional clock offers over it's more modern rivals. Similarly if your company deals through different time zones or across national borders a set of individually calibrated clocks is still the best way for easy and immediate reference to local time across different geographic regions.

    A clock is still great for corporate gifting. While a great looking promotional clock is all about time, there is something timeless about the value and mechanical history of custom clocks which tells us they still have time on their side. Even if the traditional analogue clock isn't of interest modern day multi-function digital promotional clocks still make a statement about reliability and accuracy.

    Clocks are highly displayable items, and these are products that will be looked at frequently throughout the course of any given day, which makes these items excellent backdrops or showpieces for branding images. A branded clock will often be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk for all to see, and these pieces can be used in home, office, or classroom settings depending on the audience a particular brand wishes to reach.

    A branded clock can be appreciated by companies in all industries, and these can range from those in healthcare to those in entertainment. A pharmaceutical brand may place their images or logos onto a wall clock to be hung in a doctor's office or lab, while a radio station may give a branded clock to a local bar or restaurant to display their logo to local audiences who may tune into their station; because clocks are such versatile items seen in so many different places, they can be used to market to any desired audience.

    Promotional clocks can be found in both executive and affordable varieties, allowing these products to be within reach to brands of all sizes. Small personal or travel clocks may even be widely distributed to recipients without breaking a brand’s marketing budget.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Clocks can be manufactured using a plethora of different materials, and these can range from plastic all the way to stainless steel. For most clocks, a combination of metal and plastic materials are used to manufacture both the inside working areas and outside viewing areas of the piece, and materials are always chosen with functionality and durability in mind. Faux leather may even be used on some clock models, and these make excellent striking corporate options.

    The print area on a branded clock may take up the entire face of the piece, or be placed more subtly somewhere on the product’s body. Because promotional clocks are made in so many various shapes and sizes, the print areas on these products may vary depending on what is deemed to be the most visible and appropriate location. This print area is the region of the piece reserved for the printing of a brand logo or design, and these are always chosen to be the most easily visible locations.

    Screen printing, pad printing, and full colour digital printing are the three most common print methods used on clocks of all varieties, and the type of print process chosen will depend on the manufacture materials which make up the clock.

    Promotional Case Study

    In an effort to raise funds for an art department, a school used children’s images to brand promotional clocks to be sold at a fundraiser. A contest was held for students to submit artwork to be used on the clocks, and the pieces wound up raising even more than was expected for the program.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Small clocks, such as travel or personal clocks, may be shipped affordably due to their low weight. Larger clocks, however, are best hand distributed in order to keep costs as low as possible.

    Minimal Price: $9.00