Promotional Clothing & Garments Custom Branded


Promotional clothing is an effective option for spreading the word about your business. The next time you're walking down the street, make a note of how many pieces of branded apparel you can spot. Names and logos are everywhere you go. With branded clothing, your company's name and message is always on the move. You'll have walking advertising with every satisfied customer if you're able to match a garment style with the right branding. Get your custom socks or sportswear right and it could enter high wardrobe rotation.

    Using Clothing & Garments in Marketing & Promotions

    Promotional garments provide double the value - branding and warmth, two of the businessperson's basic needs. A well dressed workforce with colour coordinated outfits is gesture to the rest of the world that your organisation is serious about its image. Of course custom clothing is not just about dressing up the staff, classic lines like T shirts, and polo shirts are great ways to brand an event and turn attendees into ambassadors.

    Every company can use promotional clothing. Turn your staff into billboards for your brand with the large scale printing available on most garments. Remember John Howard out beating a path around Canberra in his printed tracksuit every morning? That's the sort of exposure you can build with a custom clothing design which costs less than lunch. Whether it's personalised with embroidery or digital print there's not much more needs to be said. Ask our advice on the best options of the thousands available.

    Your Choice of Promotional Clothing Delivers

    When you're working with custom clothing, there are lots of different tactics for sending your message. You can include your company name and logo for a simple message, or design a marketing image just for your clothing. Promote your latest product line with a fun slogan. Include imagery that lets passers-by quickly understand what you're about. Add your company's web site or address so interested potential customers know how to find you once their interest has been piqued.

    When you think of custom clothing, you may instantly picture tee shirts, but there are a lot more options than just tees, and Fresh Promotions has them all. Button down business shirts and polo shirts that are perfect for professional office attire. Jackets, hoodies, and jumpers will keep your customers warm and cosy when outside. If you're catering to athletes, consider our extensive promotional sportswear range including singlets, and cycling clothing. Think about where you want your promotional clothing to be worn and provide the perfect answer to that need. If you're reaching out to business professionals, polo shirts are better than tees. To market to gym goers, lightweight sportswear is the way to go.

    Great for connecting with customers or employee uniforms the branded clothing range includes work wear, and high visibility clothing. These pieces are just what your employees need to present a professional and "uniform" image on the job. If you have a storefront where your employees have customer contact, an employee uniform is essential. All branded clothing is supplied with your company logo or name using screen printing or embroidery.

    Minimal Price: $10.92