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Amongst the most commonly used business gifts in history promotional coffee mugs are as popular today as any time in history. To convince yourself of the effectiveness of coffee mug marketing, have a wander about your office and check out the mug usage on co-workers' desks and in the kitchen. This process should tell you all you need to know about the proven effectiveness of promotional coffee mug marketing. There are few people out there who would not appreciate the gift of a branded coffee mug from your company. With hundreds of styles available and an almost limitless range of branding styles there's something for everyone and promotional coffee mugs for every budget.

    Using Promotional Coffee Mugs In Marketing & Promotions

    There are few offerings which rival promotional coffee mugs for broad appeal, cost effectiveness and longevity. You only have to watch breakfast TV or have a wander about your own office to realise coffee mugs items hold pride and are a proven way to carry the branding of your organisation into new territory. While it's common to see the custom printed coffee mugs on a news presenter's desk on TV, it's more than electronic static. In this day and age where the digital world takes more of our day the site of a timeless product first invented by our ancient ancestors standing around a fire creating stoneware from baked earth still sharing pride of place with cutting edge electronics tells you all you need to know about the proven effectiveness of promotional coffee mug marketing.

    Increase Brand Awareness with Promotional Coffee Mugs

    Coffee mugs can work for any brand and these are items that will typically see a great deal of use. As a recipient uses their coffee mug in a personal or professional setting, it is the branding on the mug that will remain visible to all they may enjoy their coffee with, allowing others to become exposed to a brand effortlessly and in a comfortable environment. Coffee mugs are noticeable items, and not just to those who may be using them at any given time. When a person lifts a coffee mug to take a sip, the design or message located on the mug remains visible to the individuals they may be having coffee or a meal with, giving a brand a way to stay in the spotlight without disrupting or bothering it’s audience from their normal routine in any way.

    While those in the hospitality or agriculture industries may have obvious uses for promotional coffee mugs, any type of brand can use these items to market themselves effectively. Coffee mugs can be used for a variety of different hot or cool beverages, and this makes them attractive items to a wide range of different individuals. Those working in corporate offices can find just as much use for a high quality coffee mug as those who may enjoy travel or having their meals in a restaurant.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Budget and personal preferences will determine just which coffee mug manufacture options may best suit a brand, and both high end and executive style mugs are available as promotional gifts. For an affordable option ideal for gifting to many recipients, ceramic or porcelain coffee mugs provide both durability and convenience. These mugs are able to be washed in a dishwasher and microwaved to keep beverages warm, while also providing an optimal backdrop for branding. These mugs are often branded with pad printing which allows the brand message to show on the piece in a variety of bold and noticeable colours.

    If a promotional coffee mug is to serve as an executive gift, stainless steel is an excellent option. These mugs are manufactured using long lasting stainless steel, and branding can be laser engraved directly into the metal of the mug. Stainless steel serves to keep beverages warmer for longer, and these are exceptionally easy to clean after use. The laser engraving method used can also guarantee that the branding will last for the lifetime of the product.

    Marketing Case Study

    A small local coffee and tea shop wanted to make a big impact during a community business appreciation event, and they chose to do so by offering mugs to guests filled with small samples of their selection of coffees and teas. As guests walked around the event with these branded mugs, other attendees became interested and their booth became significantly busier throughout the day. After the event, the shop noticed more people venturing into their store to purchase the full size versions of their samples.

    Shipping, Handling & Distribution

    Coffee mugs may not be able to be packed easily, and they may risk breaking during the shipping process, making these items those that are most effectively distributed by hand.

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