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How Fresh Promotions Supports Community Groups & Charities

Fresh Promotions Community Support Scheme

If you are a charity, community organisation or club give us a call to learn more about the ways Fresh Promotions supports the people who support our community.

Is your organisation looking for a way to raise money amongst members and supporters? Or are you looking for a small donation of specially branded merchandise which can be handed out to staff and sponsors as a "thank you" for their support and hard work? We have a range of packages available which can provide your club, charity or community group with custom branded gear which will remind them of your message and mission.

As part of our community support scheme Fresh Promotions offers a range of discounts and incentives to charitable and community groups. Please call us on 1800 129 999 or send an email to contact@freshpromotions.com.au to find out what's on offer.

While Fresh Promotions receives many requests every week for support of charitable events and community organisations we do everything we can. Don't be afraid to ask what we can offer to assist you with your project. There are multiple items which can be offered and in return all we ask is some recognition of the sponsorship or donation on your website. Give us a call right now on 1800 129 999 to speak with one of our consultants to find out what is available and what products can be provided.


FREE! Custom Branded Merchandise For Your Club or Community Group!

In exchange fro a sponsorshiop link from your website to www.freshpromotions.com.au take your pick of the four different products on offer! Read all about it below. Call us on 1800 129 999 or email contact@freshpromotions.com.au to discuss or learn more!


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