Promotional Computer Cleaners Custom Print Branded


With every office dominated by electronics, promotional computer cleaners maintain the usability of data systems and the personal enjoyment of the staff. Screen cleaners and brushes are branded product ideas which stick and find a permanent place in the new office environment. Static electricity is an inevitable by-product of computer operation and will attract dust and make viewing more difficult. Offering custom printed screen cleaners to your clients is certain to be a way to get their attention, if only at back of mind when they are enjoying the viewing pleasure which comes with a dust free monitor.

    Using Computer Cleaners & Brushes in Marketing & Promotions

    Promotional computer cleaners and brushes are a great way to promote your company and enhance the productivity of staff. FREECALL 1800 129 999 to talk with one of our consultants.

    Computers are oft used machines, and because they see so much use they will need regular cleaning to be kept in good condition. Branding a usable product helps to optimise the effectiveness of marketing, and computer cleaners offer just this aspect as well as something that recipients from various audiences will appreciate. These are items that are also typically displayed on desktops, and this allows them to remain noticeable to not only those who use them, but to those who may come into contact with their workspaces as well.

    Computer cleaners are also affordable, which allows a company to get the most for their marketing budget. When branding is placed on an inexpensive item, such as a computer cleaning product, a brand can achieve a maximum level of exposure for minimum level price, allowing a company to focus the rest of their marketing budget elsewhere should they choose to do so. Computers and laptops are used by all types of individuals, which allow these products to be appreciated by many recipients and brands. Those in the tech industry, or those who work in corporate offices, particularly appreciate the use of these branded items in marketing as they will be using computers and laptops frequently during the course of their everyday tasks.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    There are two main types of computer cleaning products, and these are those that focus on cleaning keyboards or those which focus on cleaning laptop or computer screens. Keyboard cleaning brushes can be made from a wide variety of different materials, however the majority are manufactured using sturdy plastic or acrylic materials to ensure the products are able to withstand the tests of time. While the handle may be made of a solid plastic, the brush itself is coarse and strong enough to effectively remove dust, dirt, and debris, yet soft enough to not damage even the most sensitive keyboards.

    Screen cleaners can either come in the form of cleansing clothes, or soft cleansing brushes. Cleansing cloths are made from high quality and scratch-proof microfibre, and these are ideal for removing smudges or fingerprints from a computer screen. For dust removal, cleansing brushes have a strong plastic handle topped with ultra-soft bristles to remove all dust particles and leave a user with a clean and clear screen. For cleansing brushes and keyboard cleaners, branding is normally placed on the handle of the product using a pad printing process. For microfibre cleansing cloths, an all over print of any brand logo or message can be placed directly onto the cloth using a brightly coloured digital print.

    Computer Cleaner Case Study

    As part of their annual holiday gift, a shipping company gave their office employees a branded screen cleaning cloth as well as a handy keyboard cleaner. Recipients were very pleased with how well the products worked, and the IT department noted that they began seeing fewer cases of malfunctioning keyboards.

    Shipping & Distribution

    The small size of these computer cleaning products gives them the ability to be shipped easily and affordably, even over vast distances. Hand distribution is also easy as these items may be carried conveniently in a backpack or tote.

    Computer Cleaners
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