Promotional Confectionery & Sweets Custom Print Personalised


Everyone in business loves a sweetener. There are few times in business promotional confectionery won't help you win friends and influence people. It's hard not to like somebody who gives you lollies and supplying promotional lollies with your branding is a great way to motivate people to follow your lead or engage more willingly with your range of products and services. It's claimed you catch more flies using sweet things than vinegar. This truism of the natural world certainly works in business. With modern medicine and psychology showing that the consumption of promotional confectionery results in a momentary spike in blood sugar levels which has a systemic effect, engaging your client base with branded lollies can not only make them like you more but can stimulate the minds of clients to be be more readily engaged by your offer

    Using Promotional Confectionery in Marketing & Promotions

    Just like a box of chocolates the range of promo sweets includes all the favourites so nobody has to settle for turkish delight. From jelly beans through to custom chocolate it's just like visiting a lolly shop except all the products available are delivered with custom branding in your preferred packaging. Use your promotional lolly bags to open doors, accompany invoices, attract attention or just eat them yourself and tell the taxman they were devoured by smiling, satisfied clients.

    Sweeten the Deal with Promotional Confectionery Marketing

    If you're looking for something sweet, our personalised confectionery has you covered. Humbugs Rock Candy, Lindt balls, lollies, chocolates, jelly beans and smarties MMs are all available as promotional tools for your next event. Instead of breaking the bank on an extravagant dessert table, send your customers away from lunch at your next convention with a cheap confectionery item. Choose your favourite package of candy and have your logo stamped right on the front. They can eat it on the spot or tuck it away for a little treat later. Either way, you'll give the impression of going that extra mile to provide a sweet ending to their meal.

    At business meetings, it can be embarrassing to walk away with onion breath from your salad or an air of garlic from the pasta. Promotional sweets from our personalised confectionery shelves are a great solution. Make sure your sales team always have a few packages on hand and they're sure to impress at the end of every business lunch. As with other branded confectionery items, these individually packaged mints can be eaten right away or saved for later. The point is that these small details always make an impact. That minty fresh breath will last all day and your clients will know just who to thank.

    Adding a touch of whimsy to your promotional products always fun, and the printed confectionery treats that Fresh Promotions has in stock are just what you need. We have something for nearly any kind of occasion. Give out chocolate coins as part of your marketing campaign to put more money back in the customer's pocket. Chocolate casino chips or chocolate playing cards are a fun little extra for a casino weekend. Chocolate soccer balls highlight a sporting event while chocolate CDs are a great treat for anyone in the music business. If you want to take your branding further than a logo, try the fully printed chocolate business cards that are sure to earn you a call.

    Everyone Loves Promotional Confectionery & Lollies

    In addition to sweet items, our custom confectionery also offers lots of salty snacks for a satisfying mid-day treat. These are great at a trade show where your attendees have been on their feet browsing the various tables all day. A little pick-me-up is sure to draw potential customers to your table. These cheap confectionery treats are crunchy and satisfying. Pair it with a custom promotional water bottle at outdoor events to make sure your customers walk away truly satisfied. Our savoury treats include pumpkin seeds, wasabi peas, rice crackers, dried fruit, soya chips, peanuts, bar nut mix, and popcorn.

    All our personalised confectionery items include your custom branding on the packaging so your recipients know just who to thank for their fun little treat. Whether you go salty or sweet, something edible is always welcome. If you're staffing a big event, consider offering a couple options so there's something for everyone. We have lots of lollies for those who want a sugar rush as well as a full array of healthy treats like pumpkin seeds for those who prefer a heartier choice. Whether you tuck these into a full promotional bag of goodies or hand them out alone, confectionery snacks are something everyone loves.

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