Conference Satchels & Bags Custom Printed & Branded


The right conference bags can become a centre piece for your event. Traditionally at a conference there are large numbers of handouts, documents, branded event gifts, business cards of fellow attendees and the usual accessories like notepads. Not only does the right conference bag keep all these essentials together it provides a large scale medium to highlight the name and details of your event and permit identification of attending delegates at a glance. The high apparent value of most conference bag styles also demonstrates value for the fees those attending have paid to be there and will lure others they come into contact beyond your event into attending in future years.

    Choosing Conference Bags for Your Next Event

    Quality conference bags give life to your message beyond the expo or convention and are a great reminder to attend next again. Whether your event has a green tinged eco theme, is bring conducted in the tropics or down the local pub, the right conference satchel or tote is a branding opportunity which will continue to emphasise your convention theme for years to come.

    For advice on Australia's best value range of conference and event bag styles FreeCall 1800 129 999 right now to speak with a consultant about. From cheap conference totes to fashionable conference satchels there's a bag design available for every style of event.

    Why use Conference Bags?

    A conference bag can really carry the theme of a professional event or important company meeting. Not only can these items act as a visible sign of membership, but they also serve a very useful purpose in being able to easily hold all conference or event related documents and information. After the event has ended, these bags can continue to be used in all professional settings, as they remind the user of the event’s value and those that see the bag of the brand promotion located on each piece.

    Attendees of any conference can appreciate these bags, as they allow all documents, information, and other related paperwork to be carried easily and efficiently while at the event. The type of company or organisation hosting the event, or the theme of the event, will determine the type of bag that is used, as there are many different materials and designs to choose from to craft the perfect bag. For instance, mining or engineering conferences will typically choose shoulder bags with many functional pockets to suit the needs of attendees.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Conference bags can be made of many different materials depending on the desired use or look of each bag. Some common materials used are non-woven rayon, woven nylon, recycled materials ideal for green or environmentally friendly events, bamboo fibre, or natural cotton. Different events may call for different materials in order to create the most appropriate bag, and this selection of materials can create a bag suited for any event.

    Any artwork can be placed on a conference bag in 1 of 3 ways with embroidery, large scale screen printing, or the application of a woven cloth patch. These options give companies or organisations a way to customise their bags to meet all of their marketing artwork needs. All design features and colour choices may be customised in order to adhere to a particular conference or company theme.

    Case Study

    A conference hosted by a company in the industry of land care designed and distributed shoulder conference bags made entirely out of recycled earth friendly materials. Throughout multiple events and gatherings during the conference, a great deal of attendees were seen carrying the bags, and interest started to spark. A conference was held the year after, and the attendance was doubled due to the popularity of the bags.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Shipping as a means of distribution is popular with these conference bags, and these gifts are typically given once a person registers with or signs up to attend a given conference. Other branded materials useful in a conference setting are often included in each bag prior to shipping.

    Conference Bags
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