Promotional Cooler Bags Custom Printed & Branded


Given our reputation as a drought struck, sunburnt land promotional cooler bags are as much an Aussie icon as the beer within or the 'roo steaks sizzling on the barbie. These effective insulated bags allow you to take cold drinks anywhere you want. A soft fabric cooler bag makes a practical gift for any class of client in this country where the ravages of the sun and the dry wind from the red centre conspire to create a national thirst a kangaroo couldn't jump over. Complete with custom print, a promotional cooler bag is easy to fold and stow when not in use and because most insulated cold bag styles are made from soft fabric they don't take up much room when not in use. And of course an insulated bag has a lot of uses beyond keeping your favourite foaming beverage at the right temperature for pleasant consumption. As a lunch box, picnic backpack or simply as an ideal travel companion a custom cooler bag has as many uses as there are changes in the weather.

    Using Cooler Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Our range of cooler bags includes all shapes and styles so there's certain to be one which matches your marketing requirements. With custom print for sports teams, corporate brands or anyone else who needs refreshment in the great outdoors there's no place in this great southern land that would not welcome a person equipped with one of the many styles on offer. FreeCall 1800 129 999 now to speak with a cooler bag expert and choose the right model your clients will appreciate for years to come.

    Why Use Promotional Cooler Bags in Marketing?

    The main use of cooler bags is to keep both food and drinks cold, and the need for this function makes these bags extremely practical in a myriad of different situations. Whether a person is bringing lunch to school or work, or they are travelling to a vacation or picnic spot, a cooler bag will keep their snacks or meals safe and cool until the time comes for them to be eaten. The durability of each bag also allows it to have a long lifetime to show any marketing artwork visibly.

    A cooler bag can be used in a variety of ways; one way that these bags are commonly used is as a carrying vessel for food or beverage samples being given away by a particular food store or restaurant. These bags may also be given to contractors or workers in the construction field as a company gift, or as a personal gift to employees or clients that may be used either in or out of the office. Due to their ease of travel, a cooler bag may be used by many different types of recipients. The most popular industries that can benefit from the use of promotional cooler bags are those in agriculture, hospitality, transport, or education. In any of these settings, the cooler bag allows a lunch, a product, or a sample to be carried safely from one location to another for consumption.

    Cooler Bag Manufacture & Branding?

    Typically, these cooler bags are comprised of a polyurethane outer layer with a silver foil based inner lining to provide ideal insulation. If polyurethane is unsuitable for any reason, a woven nylon exterior finish is also available, and both exterior options are both durable and waterproof for no-worries travel. To close the bags, a zipper mechanism is located on each bag to keep food or beverages cool and secure. For a cube shaped cooler bag, the most effective branding is usually placed on the top of each bag by way of a large scale screen printing process. However, if the shape of the bag does not allow for optimal branding on the top of the bag, other available printing areas may be located in a prime location on each bag shape. A desired specific design, or a set of custom colours, may be used to create a personalised item.

    Case Study

    In one instance, a high end brewery used these cooler bags to deliver brew samples to retail locations. Retail stores that did not receive the samples were found to be very interested in seeing them, calling sales representatives to inquire about the bags.

    Shipping & Distribution of Your Cooler Bag Order

    Cooler bags are lightweight, and they will normally be able to be packed flat, however it has been found that one of the more effective ways to use these items in marketing is to hand them out personally and filled with goodies or other complimentary branded items.

    Cooler Bags
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