Corporate Watches & Gift Watches Custom Personalised


Even with digital time on hand stylish corporate watches custom printed with your company logo still make a much appreciated gift. While other traditional pieces of personal technology have fallen by the wayside, promotional watches are still a popular choice offering fashion and flair to the regular time check. The wide range of corporate watches on offer here are all available with logo printing on the face which makes your branding a part of the finished item so it can never be removed and is seen every time the watch is viewed. A good promotional watch looks like it costs a lot more than the final price. This is the mark of a successful promotion - when the apparent value of what is on offer is far higher than the dollar value. Combine the value equation with the fact a custom company watches are a personal gift and you have a promotion which is working to your advantage at two levels. Promo watches work for any brand or organisation

    Using Watches in Marketing & Promotions

    For an elegant corporate or commemorative gift, corporate watches create a refined backdrop for any type of branding. These pieces can be appreciated by brands in all industries, and those in retail to those in finance can benefit from the use of a branded watch when it comes to marketing.

    For an anniversary or big promotion, a corporate watch can create a treasured item that bears not only the logo or name of a brand, but the event that is being commemorated as well. For employees who are retiring, celebrating a certain anniversary with the company, or taking over a higher position, these gifts can be given to show appreciation for their service as well as to help to acknowledge the importance of the event. In instances of big client meetings or important company partnerships, a corporate watch can also be branded and given to a recipient as a show of appreciation. These striking items are designed to catch the eye and have a certain professional aesthetic appeal that can solidify professional partnerships unlike any other branded product.

    A corporate watch can also be given in a branded gift box, and this gives a brand the ability to use two promotional items in the presentation of a piece. These gift boxes can be used to keep the watches safe while not in use, and as they rest on display, they can help to generate even more brand exposure.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Metal materials such as steel or aluminium will typically be used to manufacture corporate watches, and this may be complimented with other softer materials such as leather or leatherette. These materials are chosen for not only their eye catching look, but their durability as well, to allow these products to last through many years of regular wear. Both gold and silver tones are used on corporate watches to suit any brand’s professional or personal need, and corporate watches in both men’s and women’s varieties may be branded as well.

    The face of the watch will commonly be where the print area is located, however on some models, the wrist strap or bracelet portion may be used as well. This print area is the reserved location for branding, and these are chosen to allow the branding to remain visible whether the piece is being worn or on display. Pad printing may be chosen to allow branding to stand out in colour, or laser engraving makes a sophisticated option on metal pieces.

    Promotional Case Study

    After two brands merged on a project, the smaller company decided to gift the executives of the larger company with branded corporate watches in order to show their appreciation for the new venture. The executives were so pleased by the gesture, that after the conclusion of the project, the brands decided to remain partners on several following projects.

    Shipping & Distribution

    These products are best hand distributed in a branded gift box in order to make a complete and powerful presentation, however they may be shipped affordably if desired.

    Corporate Watches
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