Promotional Cotton & Calico Bags Custom Printed


Naturally great value cotton bags are cost effective and a great alternative to synthetic bag styles. Whether you're looking for promotional cotton bags for marketing, as conference gear or even giving away them as appreciation gifts, you'll find that most people like the simple, natural feel and look of cotton and will continue to use them into the future. A cotton bag is more likely to be used than a cheaper non-woven bag and companies which use printed cotton bags as their signature shopping bag find they often become a powerful advertising medium as customers use them again and again, making your cheap cotton bag order cost effective beyond most other branding options.

    Using Cotton Bags & Calico Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    A range of base colour cotton bags can be supplied overprinted with your design. While natural unbleached cotton is the most popular cotton bag option there is not much additional cost in choosing a bold colour which if branded the right way will make your choice of bags more desirable. Fully washable, cheap cotton bags and designed to give you a marketing tool that will build your business brand with ease. With full colour printing a custom cotton bag can become a unique symbol of your company. As an eco-friendly reusable bag solutions promotional cotton bags are hard to beat.Choose either an off-the-shelf model or talk to us about having custom cotton bags manufactured to your exact requirements. FreeCall 1800 129 999 right now to learn more about the bag branding and design options available.

    Guide to Using Cotton Bags in Promotional Marketing

    A well-made cotton bag has many different practical uses, and these bags are made for travel. From the grocery store, to the gym, to the laundry room, these bags move effortlessly from place to place carrying goods of all types and allowing optimal convenience. Cotton is a natural material, making these bags environmentally friendly, and each durable bag can be adorned with a large scale screen print. To encourage a staff or team of employees to get fit and stay active, these bags can be gifted and used as durable gym bags. A retail location may offer these bags as a bonus gift with purchase, or a giveaway could also be held with a branded shopping bag as a prize.

    Cotton bags are extremely versatile, which leads many industries to appreciate the use of these bags in marketing their brand. In a retail setting, these bags are ideal in the way they are able to handle purchased goods, they are able to represent hospitality companies effortlessly with their convenience, in an education setting they are able to transport books or materials from classroom to classroom, gym materials or sports equipment may be carried to benefit the sporting industry, each bag can carry clothing and represent fashion brands, and paperwork given by financial companies may also be contained safely within these products. A promotional cotton bag can travel with the user from the laundry room, to the gym, to the grocery store to allow any brand design to be seen by a large and varied audience.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Each bag is made of natural cotton with many different grades and weights available. For a lighter colour, bleached cotton is available, or natural cotton is also available which lends a slightly darker natural colour appearance. In terms of weight, 120 GSM to 300 GSM is offered for these bags depending on personal branding requirements as well as budget. Branding on each bag may be double sided depending on personal preference, and a large scale screen printing process is used to place branding on these bags within a visible print location. A desired colour combination or custom features may be made to order to perfectly represent a brand and its audience.

    Case Study

    In one example of promotional cotton bag use, a company handed out these bags as a way to showcase its environmental friendliness during an event to promote its products. Not only did the recipients of these bags use them well, but they also handed them down to other individuals who used the bags and allowed them to be seen by a wide range of others. The company decided to make these bags a regular part of their events, and the two became rapidly associated.

    Shipping & Distribution

    A cotton bag may be packed flat, and these are lightweight even in bulk, making them particularly easy to distribute. In fact people will do the lifting for you. Just hand them out and recipients will happily wander about with your logo on display. And because cotton bags don't spoil or ever go out of date keeping a supply on hand makes sense.

    Cotton Bags
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