Promotional Counter Mats Custom Printed

Taking advantage of usable advertising space is really what promotional products is all about, whether that space be in the mind of a consumer, or as in the case of counter mats, on the space that divides a retailer and his clients. Your company doesn't have to be directly dealing at retail to take advantage of the inherent display advantages offered by one of these place holding mats. With either a full colour printed insert or custom screen printed on the surface substrate, counter mats offer high visibility, practical solution to counter cleanliness and organisation, and designed the right way can dress up a drab retail location.

    Guide to Using Counter Mats In Promotional Activity

    It's a common sight in shops to be faced with a colourful counter mat carrying the latest retail offer. If your company distributes products which are sold at retail the value of capturing this space speaks for itself. Considering the visibility and size, counter mats are a cheap promotional option which are heavily utilised by experienced consumer marketing organisations. To learn how you can your piece of the action FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Counter mats can be used appropriately in a wide range of settings, and these pieces can work just as well in a corporate office as they can in a retail establishment. A counter mat may be used to display promotions on a retail sales counter, or as a piece used for preparing food, tea, or coffee on in an office break room. When a counter mat is placed on a surface, the images or messages displayed on the piece become highly visible, and the eye will be naturally attracted to these stand out pieces when placed on a retail or office counter top.

    A counter mat may be appreciated by several industries, some of which include those in retail, corporate offices, restaurants, or doctor’s and dentist’s offices. If a company has a counter in their location, these pieces may be used to adorn the counter with a functional and aesthetically pleasing marketing piece.

    A counter mat may be branded to represent a particular promotion, new item, or newly offered service, or it can simply represent the brand itself. Due to the attention grabbing qualities of these items, they are sure to be recognised and appreciated no matter the branding that may be placed on them or its theme.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Counter mats will typically be manufactured with a rubber or rubber like material on the bottom to stop the pieces from slipping on counter tops, as well as a plastic top that allows them to be easy to clean yet difficult to damage. Some counter mats may even have a sleeve like construction that allows the promotional images and branding to be changed whenever a company sees fit.

    The print area reserved for company logos, promotions, or other images is located on the front of each mat, and this allows the mat to be visible from multiple angles and distances within a space. The entire front surface area that may be seen when the mat is lying on a counter top serves as a branding area, and a company can choose to use this space to market whatever they deem important.

    Screen printing is the method used to place branding on promotional counter mats, and this gives the brand an opportunity to use a full spectrum of bright colours in their marketing designs.

    Promotional Case Study

    A fast food chain decided to use counter mats at the register area to promote their latest deals and new food items. Since implementing the use of the mats, customers began taking a greater interest in the deals located on the products, and this helped the restaurant to see just which new items were successful and which ones customers seemed to be less interested in.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Counter mats can be shipped affordably in certain numbers, but these items may get heavy when larger numbers are required. For personal placement to ensure a maximum impact, hand distribution is often recommended, and these are items which may be carried around or rearranged easily.

    Counter Mats
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