Card USB Flash Drives & Memory Sticks Custom Branded


Credit card flash drives are great because they're slim, discreet, and give you plenty of portage and storage options. We have a full selection of different styles of card flash drive all available with engraving through to deluxe full colour branding. Ideal for a company promotion card USBs can be used for company and employee data storage. A convenient memory stick style which fits easily into a wallet, a card style USB stick deserves wider use than technology companies which have traditionally utilised this technology. A card USB flash memory stick has a large branding area, is slimline and easy to manage and can be preloaded with data using our data management service. From full colour digital branding to engraving on metal styles the complete range has a credit card flash drive which will fill the data storage gaps in your company and make sure your business contacts carry your logo with them wherever they go.

    Using Card Flash Drives In Marketing & Promotions

    A business card is a classic marketing tool that allows the public to have contact information on hand for all of their favourite brands, but a card flash drive throws a little something extra in the mix by combining a classic business card with tech features to keep them useful and even more informative. A card flash drive can fit into a wallet, pocket, or desk drawer and has enough memory stored inside to provide a plethora of additional information to consumers if a brand wishes to pre-load the devices.

    A flash drive is used to store information, and this information storage can be up to the recipient or used by the brand to inform recipients of desired information. Some industries that may be able to appreciate the use of these cards in marketing are those in the tech industry or those in the business of credit or finance. Because these are gadgets often used by the tech savvy, brands that focus their services on computers and technology will be able to easily reach their target audiences using a product that will automatically catch their eye. Due to the similarity in appearance when comparing these cards to credit or banking cards, these can also be very effective marketing tools for financial institutions. A bank or credit company could distribute these items filled with information about their services to potential clients.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Option

    The two primary manufacture materials in card flash drives are either plastic or stainless steel, and this allows a brand to choose if they want a more affordable branded product or something better suited for executives. Stainless steel card flash drives are made of high quality and functional stainless steel to allow them to last through many years of hard use, providing a promotional gift with a long life span. For branding, these items will typically be branded using a laser engraving process which places the desired logo or company name into the steel of the card. This method of branding allows the brand image to stay vibrant on the card for the duration of its life span. Plastic card flash drives are also excellent options, and these are manufactured using durable and sturdy plastic materials. A full colour digital print will adorn these cards with a brand's desired image, and this type of print is known to produce bright and noticeable colour saturation.

    Promotional Usage Case Study

    A credit card company used card flash drives to inform potential users of their services of their various credit programs as well as their terms and conditions. These were designed to look just like their actual credit cards, and potential customers were impressed with the professional look and useful function of the devices. Since beginning their use of these cards in lieu of brochures, they have found that sign up rates have gone up by 15%.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Card flash drives are very small, and remarkably lightweight, allowing these products to be shipped easily across Australia or worldwide. Because of their size, they can also be hand distributed conveniently and large amounts may be carried with ease.

    Card Flash Drives
    Minimal Price: $10.00