Custom Shape USB Flash Drives Made to Order

Why not have your product or logo made into custom flash drives designed to look like your favourite product or as your company logo? A great way to give people something which is unique to your company yet has all the useful attributes we have come to expect from a memory stick device. Any colour, shape and style within reason can be designed into a 3d standing model of something which is only available to your staff and clients.

    Using Custom Made USB Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    Because your own custom flash drive design is only a few dollars a unit more than buying something off-the-shelf the additional branding value which flows from the improved imagery surrounding the useful USB memory core makes a lot of financial sense. While these days some people have a large number of usb flash drives hanging about, many customised with company logos, the one which will standout from the bunch is yours made to order in a form and style which can only ever be part of your company imagery. Call now and speak to one of our custom manufacture experts about how our Free Design Service can turn your idea into a fully formed custom usb flash drive gift.

    Custom USBs Highlight Your Brand

    When using USB flash drives in marketing, the flashiest or most different pieces will often garner the most attention, as these are set apart from the plethora of other USB flash drive designs available. When looking to maximise marketing impact while using USBs, a custom USB is often a brand’s best bet when the goal is to attract attention. Custom USBs come in many different shapes and varieties, and this allows a brand a way to choose just which type would best suit their desired audiences in terms of marketing their company. Choosing a USB that can relate to a particular brand or service is one sure way to remind consumers not only of the brand, but what they are best known for as well.

    Because custom USBs are made to be different, they are some of the most eye-catching varieties of USBs available on the market. A USB with a unique shape or interesting theme is a USB that those in an office with, or sharing a space with, a recipient will take notice of, helping to promote a brand even further than simply with their initial desired audience. The many shapes of custom USBs allows these to appeal to many different industries, and all types of brands will be able to appreciate their use in marketing. A travel company may distribute Eiffel Tower shaped custom USBs to clients as a thank you gift, or a hospital may give patients capsule shaped USBs filled with information during a health seminar; the variety that comes along with these USBs gives them a way to be universally appealing.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    A custom USB flash drive can be made from materials varying from plastic and silicone to metals like stainless steel, and a brand’s budget may determine which manufacture options work best for them. Plastic and silicone are typically more affordable materials, and these provide all of the durability one may desire from a USB flash drive. On these options, pad printing is the standard method of branding used to place a logo or brand name on a central front facing location on each device. Steel or metal custom USBs make ideal corporate gift or executive flash drives, and these materials are used to offer many years of functional use. Company logos or names will be placed on these custom devices using a laser engraving process which engraves a chosen design directly into the materials used to create the product.

    Promotional Case Study

    A travel agency gifted airplane shaped custom USBs to customers booking a trip during a spring break promotion, and encouraged recipients to share photos of their flash drives in exotic locations while on vacation. The agency received so many photos that they placed an entirely new page on their website dedicated to these customer photos, and this quickly became one of the site’s most popular pages. Customers booking after the promotion often asked about the airplane flash drives, and the agency decided to extend the promotion into the summer to satisfy all of the requests.

    Shipping & Distribution

    No matter the shape of the flash drives, these are small items able to be shipped affordably. For hand distribution, these may be carried lightly and conveniently in a backpack or tote bag.

    Custom USBs
    Minimal Price: $9.20