Custom Keyrings Made to Your Design


Custom made keyrings are one of the best received and most cost effective styles of branded merchandise available. Everyone needs keys and custom keyrings stay by their owner's side. Custom manufacture allows your logo, product design or message to be built into the final 3D design you choose so it's not just simply a matter of printing or engraving your logo on an off-the-shelf, standard commodity. As you'll see from the range of custom made keyrings shown below the ability to control the whole design process and include elements of your company culture and branding in the molding makes these custom promo keyrings items which will enhance the reputation of your organisation.

    Using Custom Made Keyrings in Marketing & Promotions

    Your own design made into custom keyrings cast in metal or enamel finished. FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 now to speak with a custom made key rings consultant.

    A custom keyring does the job of marketing a brand in a special way, as they allow the brand image to make up the entirety of the piece. Because custom keyrings are custom made, a brand’s designed product can be of any shape or style they desire, thereby representing the brand in a personal and noticeable fashion. A brand can choose their custom keyring design to focus on a logo, or on the business that the brand may be in, allowing them more than one way to place themselves into the mind of the consumer. A company in the business of travel may use a custom keychain the shape of an aeroplane, a bus, a car, or a train to not only put their name into the consumer conscious, but the services they provide as well.

    Due to their affordability, custom keyrings can be given as a single promotional gift or as part of a larger package. These small items leave open a variety of appropriate distribution methods, so they may be given in various situations for marketing purposes. Because these can be made in any shape or to suit any design, a custom keyring may be appreciated by a brand in any industry. Those in education may raise funds with these items in the shape of a school mascot, or a car company could put a customer's new car key on a custom keyring in the shape of their logo; with these products, the effective marketing possibilities are endless.

    Custom Keyrings Manufacture

    Aluminium, pewter, steel, and enamel will often be used to manufacture these items, and this gives them a way to be long lasting as well as easily branded.

    Die stamping is one method used to customise keyrings, and this method uses a stamping tool to press into metal the desired brand logo or image. With die stamped keyrings, a uniform basic shape is typically chosen, with the customisation aspect coming from the stamp tool. Die cast keyrings may be made into any unique shape, and this is one branding method that can really make an entire piece represent a particular brand. A die cast can be made of any logo shape, and this type of branding can be seen just as efficiently from afar as it can up close. Laser engraving and enamel can also brand a custom keychain product, and these will often create a noticeable and elegant branded appeal.

    Custom Keyring Promotion Case Study

    A car dealership decided to give customers the key to their new vehicle on a custom branded keychain showing the logo of their brand. These keychains always generated positive feedback from consumers, and they could often be seen travelling around town with their recipients. Many new customers to the dealership would often state that they learned of the brand from seeing it on one of these keychains, and were prompted to visit when they heard of the customer’s positive experience.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Custom keychains of all types are both easy to carry and affordable to ship, allowing distribution to be done conveniently in a variety of ways.

    Custom Keyrings
    Minimal Price: $2.95