Custom Printed Signs


There's no better way to take advantage of your geographical location than to use custom signage. By becoming a part of the local community and visible to passers by your company can become a landmark like any other point of reference in your area. The different styles available include A Frame signs, folding fabric signs which can be packed into a small tote bag for storage or transport, sandwich boards, and simple vinyl cut decals which announce to the world your address and contact details. Don't hide from the world, use custom signage to announce where you are and who your are.Check with your local council about the legal requirements for external signage then come to Fresh Promotions and have a chat to one of our expert consultants who will assist you to get marketing mileage from that blank wall out the back of your building! FreeCall 1800 129 999.

    Using Custom Made Signs in Marketing & Promotions

    Signs have the ability to notify customers or clients of a particular location, and these can be used in a vast array of professional settings. If a business owner wishes to attract customers easily into their store or restaurant, placing a sign out front of the establishment will help to tell others just where the business is located and help them to find just where they want to go. A sign can be used to market a brand or product in other capacities as well, and these may also be used to notify a person that a home or building is for sale. Signs branded by real estate companies and placed out front of a property can help those who may be driving or walking by to acquire the contact information needed to inquire further about the property.

    Custom signs allow a brand to create a sign that is entirely their own, and this makes these pieces even more attractive to the eye. As a person walks, drives, or rides in an area, the signs they pass by will naturally catch their eye, and a custom piece has the ability to stand out from all the rest. If a company is hosting a picnic or an outdoor event, custom signs may also be used to allow guests to know just where the event is being held. Or, if a conference or convention is being attended, a sign can label a particular booth or table area to allow visitors to know which company they may be investigating.

    Not only is a retail location the most expensive part of the process of being in business the wrong retail location without the desired level of visibility is likely to be an obstacle many businesses cannot overcome. That's why the use of custom signs is critical to the survival of many small businesses which have non-compliant facias and hoardings which are strong sales and traffic builders if custom printed signage is applied.

    Custom signs can be anything from a sandwich board on the street to a hand painted banner which hangs from the upstairs windows of your premises. Either way the important thing is taking advantage of the geographic position of your business and ensuring a high percentage of passing trade is aware of what goes on in the event they wish to avail themselves of your products or service. It's not simply a matter of custom printing a design which you like. Custom signage is more about making the available space work for your business and ensuring the maximum visibility is achieved through design and application of the finished artwork. Signage of this type cannot be so easily quoted and the best approach to having a quality job completed is to look at the entire premises and make sure the signage situation is both compliant with council regulations and is also working together. Consistent colours, imagery and message is critical to make sure the entire premises are providing a message which is of interest to passersby and can be understood and absorbed.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Custom signs may be made from fabric, thick cut high gloss paper, wood, metal, or a vast array of different materials depending on a brand’s particular need. Custom signs may also be made to be completely portable, and these are pieces that brands can take on the road should they need to travel to a conference or other event. Most signs have an all over print area, and some will even be double sided to allow their branding to be seen from all angles.

    Signs made of metal may be branded with a custom die cast or mould, and this provides a brand with a way to completely control how their finished product will look. For other types of signs, screen printing is often used to place branding on these products in a full range of vivid colours.

    Promotional Case Study

    A company hosting a summer picnic in a local nearby park had portable signs made to guide the guests into the correct grounds. Because the park was so large, the company wanted every employee and guest to know just which area had been reserved, and these signs were placed at all four angles on the plot of land. As guests began arriving, they were able to get to the area easily, and many talked about how much they appreciated the convenience of the signs in helping them to recognise the correct location.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Signs are more effectively hand distributed or placed in their desired locations, as shipping can grow expensive due to their size and weight.

    Custom Signs
    Minimal Price: $2.50