Promotional Diaries & Journals Personalised & Printed


Everyone uses promotional diaries that's why they are such popular gift items. The selection of diary and and journal styles can be personalised with names, company information or the details of an event.  You can choose the diary style that you like best, including simple or detailed printing methods. Find your perfect style today for corporate gifting, employee appreciation, or in-house operational use for your employees and colleagues. There is a huge variation in diary styles and configurations. A day to a page, a week to a page, A4, A5. The list of promotional diary options goes on so there is an exact match somewhere for the specific requirements of your staff and contacts. As simple office supplies, employee appreciation gifts and of course brand marketing you can choose from a variety of luxurious, modern diary styles which you will find are versatile products appreciated by most business contacts.

    Using Diaries in Marketing & Promotions

    A corporate diary has many uses, and these are objects that professionals will tend to carry around with them in order to keep track of sales numbers, important dates, and other needed pieces of professional information. Because these products are prone to travel with their owners, they also make very convenient items for the placement of marketing. As an employee or client goes about their daily personal or professional business, carrying with them their diary, others around the recipient will be able to see the branding on the item and take note of its sophisticated aesthetic appeal.

    Diaries are also appropriate items to take along during important meetings or corporate conferences, as they can be used to jot down notes and keep easy track of any information that may be necessary later. When a recipient takes their branded diary to one of these events, they will be able to not only keep prepared, but also showcase the branding to other potential clients or partners in a professional setting, allowing them to market the brand effortlessly to many different important individuals. A corporate diary is most useful to those who work in corporate offices or those who travel frequently for business related meetings. Offices in all types of industries can benefit from the use of diaries, and those which are branded can market a company while simultaneously providing recipients with the materials and information they need.

    Custom Diary Manufacture & Branding

    Diaries may be manufactured to adhere to many different tastes and budgets. Both high end and inexpensive options are available in a multitude of different colours and materials to suit a particular professional need. An exotic leather diary is often most sought after for executives and those attending various corporate functions, and the soft leather used to manufacture these products are as durable as they are useful. For branding, foil stamping is often used to place a brand’s logo or name directly into the leather on the front of each piece.

    For a more affordable corporate diary option, faux leathers and hardcover materials can provide an executive look and many different branding options for an inexpensive price. When gifting these products to a large team, these are often the most convenient choices as they provide usefulness and professionalism, while still being budget-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Aside from foil stamping, pad printing and screen printing methods can also be used to place branding on the cover of each diary.

    Promotional Diary Case Study

    A corporate office looking for a way to a send token of appreciation to its clients made the choice to gift each client with a branded leather diary. The gesture improved their relationship with their clients, and they were seen carrying these diaries to many corporate events and meetings afterwards. Due to the praise they had received for the gift, the company also received calls from friends of their clients wanting to know more about their line of business and the services they provide.

    Manufacture & Branding

    While the size and weight of these items allows them to ship easily across Australia, they may create a larger impact if hand distributed to recipients.

    Minimal Price: $9.61