Disposable Coffee Cups & Custom Printed Paper Cups


Custom disposable cups and takeaway cups might not seem like a first choice promo item for branding but they come into their own at special events and occasions. Where you are serving beverages a well printed disposable paper cup or plastic cup is a branding space too good to miss. Even around the office they save on cleaning up and arguments over the dishwasher. From cheap paper to multi-coloured plastic cup styles there's a promotional cup style to make your next event a branding triumph.You can use printed promotional cups like these to highlight your involvement in a sponsorship or to conduct a sampling campaign in a public space. Great for parties, events, special occasions, everyday office use disposable coffee cups and reusable coffee cups are affordable and effective marketing tools.

    All You Need to Know About Using Disposable Cups In Marketing

    When handing out samples, or keeping guests refreshed, disposable cups are often necessities. When branding is placed on these cups, these needed items also become excellent visible marketing tools which can be used to show other guests at an event or passers-by a company logo, name, or brand message. A branded disposable cup will keep a brand in the forefront to guests, employees, or customers alike, as they also provide convenience for those looking to enjoy their snacks or beverages.

    Promotional disposable cups are most appreciated by those in the hospitality industries, as they allow for an easy way to provide potential customers with samples conveniently. At a grand opening event, sidewalk sale, or community day, a restaurant, cafe or other producer of consumable goods can fill the cups with samples of their prized foods or beverages in order to give the public a sample of their fare. As recipients carry around the cups and enjoy their contents, others can see the cups and their branding easily for optimal exposure.

    Disposable cups are also exceptionally affordable, giving brands a maximum bang for their marketing buck. These inexpensive products bear all over branding for complete visibility, and this gives a brand a way to get their name into the minds of the public without spending too much to do so.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Disposable cups can be manufactured using paper, plastic, foam, or acrylic, and all manufacture options remain affordable and able to be branded. Different beverages or foods may call for different material options, and a brand may wish to consider just what will be contained in the cups before settling on a particular chosen manufacture type.

    Digital printing is the most commonly used branding method with disposable cups, and this provides a way to allow the brand's image to truly stand out on each piece. Digital printing uses a full colour spectrum to create a vivid look, and a cup will be able to bear an all-over print sure to catch the eye of anyone who may use the cups themselves or see the cups being used by others. The all-over print lets the branding remain a central focus point no matter which way the cup may be facing, as all sides of the cup will be adorned with a company's chosen logo or design.

    Promotional Case Study

    A beach snack shop had branded disposable plastic cups made to distribute their food and beverage items to visitors and tourists at the location. These cups were made to show an all over logo print using bright beach friendly colours, and customers could be seen frequently about the location enjoying their purchases. Since the use of the cups began, customers have begun to flock to the snack shop stating they were enticed by seeing the cups being carried all around the area.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Disposable cups are products that can be shipped easily and affordably across Australia or the globe, making this an excellent promotional product option for businesses with multiple locations. When distributing to recipients, however, personal distribution has been shown to create a larger marketing impact.

    Disposable Cups
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