Promotional Dog Tags Custom Personalised With Your Logo


Custom made dog tags are available in a wide range of styles, colours, shapes and metal finishes. You can have your promotional dog tags supplied finished with bright metal, a standard colour print or laser engraved. The dog tag range are all supplied with a ball-chain style necklace which can be adjusted to the correct size and individually packaged for easy distribution or sale. A proven way to get the attention of young consumers custom branded dog tags can be used as security ID at events, for recognition and awards at clubs or as cost effective giveaways to kids and the teenage market. Regardless of the final use you can be sure there is a promotional tag style which will provide a cost effective solution.

    Using Custom Made Dog Tags in Marketing & Promotions

    While the basic printed dog tag models are cheap and easily branded, more exotic styles such as those with a raised resin dome are not significantly more expensive and can add a hint of exclusivity to your next giveaway. Once a symbol of military life, custom made dog tags are a favourite with youth and any marketer wanting to engage the difficult to round-up teen market would be well advised to consider their use. FREECALL now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a Fresh Promotions consultant about the best way to brand your tag order.

    Using Promotional Dog Tags to Build Brand Awareness

    The branding area on dog tags is large and highly customisable, and a company can use this benefit to craft a dog tag which perfectly represents their brand. These marketing items are very affordable and allow for a great deal of easy visibility as they can be worn around the neck or hung from other desired locations on a person. The many ways in which these tags can be customised makes them great for companies who value creative branding, and dog tags make an excellent choice in engaging the young people of a market.

    Dogs tags are ideal for use in membership or club settings, as the wearing of the tag can show that a particular member is part of the club, or able to enter a certain club location. For retail, a set of branded dog tags can be given with the purchase of certain skate, surf, or street wear brands to compliment the outfit and entice shoppers to check out a certain fashion line. Kids also love dog tags, and they are an inexpensive gift to include in a children's promotional package.

    Fashion and music industries appreciate dog tags due to their edgy appeal and popularity with young people, but dog tags can be used in a variety of other marketing situations as well. The hospitality industry may use dog tags as a way to provide flare to employees, or to give to customers as an added promotional gift, those in the business of leisure may use the tags to allow entry into a club or hobby group, or those in education could even use them as a form of identification.

    Dog Tags Manufacture & Branding

    Each dog tag is made of heavy duty pressed steal with a ball chain for wearing around the neck or hanging off of another object. The tag panels on the front of each tag may be printed with full colour to represent a particular brand.

    A printed style can show just about any artwork. If a version is being made from pressed metals or engraving, a level of contrast should be taken advantage of to ensure that the artwork can be seen properly whether a person is glancing casually or looking directly at the tag. Just about any design can be applied to a standard set of dog tags to create a promotional set of tags, however custom shapes or metals are available upon request if something more personalised is desired.

    Case Study

    A maker of skate shoes offered personalised dog tags to supporters of the brand who purchased a particular new style of shoe, and these tags also doubled as a customer loyalty card which customers could use with future purchases.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Dog tags are small in size, low in volume, and light in weight, allowing them to be shipped Australia wide for as little as $20. Each set of tags is packaged individually to allow for the easiest possible distribution.

    Dog Tags
    Minimal Price: $2.15