Environmentally Friendly Notepads Custom Printed


The only thing better than promotional notepads are our eco notepads, made from recycled materials and designed to help you give back to the planet as you're giving out promotional items to your customers. There is something for everyone and it is going to be up to you to make sure that you get everything that you need out of your investment. The eco-friendly notepad range comes in so many shapes and sizes that you'll find the perfect look for your business while a wide range of standard promotional notepads is also available on this site. Branded recycled notepads can be used internally as part of a company mission to inspire workers and contacts to get on board with the environmentally friendly message. There is no doubt the time honoured tradition of having promotional enviro-friendly notepads on hand is one which will last as long as the recording and processing of data itself.

    Using Eco Friendly Notepads In Marketing & Promotions

    Notepads are an incredibly useful item, whether they are used in the office, in a classroom, or at home, and an eco notepad can also send along an important message to the audiences a brand may be trying to reach. Eco notepads are made of recycled and ecologically sustainable materials that help to remind recipients the importance of going green.

    Industries such as education, or simply those who work in a corporate office, can all appreciate the use of an eco notepad in marketing, as these are highly usable items. When marketing using a promotional product, a brand will want to make sure the product is well used to ensure their logo is seen and remembered, and that is just what is provided with an eco notepad product.

    When a person uses their notepad, or has their notepad lying on a desk or table top, the branding on the products will remain visible even when not in direct use. As the notepad lays on a desk or table, all those who pass by the area will be able to not only notice the brand logo on display, but the high quality environmentally friendly materials which go into the product as well, allowing the brand to be linked to a green message immediately in the minds of the public.

     Eco Notepad Manufacture & Branding

    Eco notepads may be made entirely from recycled paper materials or a combination of recycled materials and bamboo. The binding that holds these books together may be made from cotton string or metal for a higher end executive option, and all of the materials used to manufacture these notepads are harvested in an ecologically sustainable fashion. Earth friendly leather can also be used to create these notepads, and this is an option for optimal executive appeal. The faux leather used to make these notepads comes from recycled materials, along with the paper held inside.

    Pad printing is often used to place branding on these items, but for bamboo eco notepads, laser engraving may be used as well. Pad printing applies a brand's logo or chosen design onto the surface of the notepad, and this is typically done in the single colour of a brand's choice. Laser engraving uses laser technology to etch a brand logo into the wood used to cover the notepad, and this sophisticated branding option allows the brand image to last for the entire life of the item.

    Promotional Case Study

    As part of a promotion, an office supply company offered branded notepads to potential clients looking to invest in their services as a way to provide a sample of the quality of goods they offer. When these recipients began calling to make deals with the company, many requested the branded eco notepads which were not at the time available for sale. So many inquiries came in about the notepads that the company began selling them as part of their inventory.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    These notepads can be easy and affordable to ship if quantities are kept low, but they do grow heavy as more are added to a shipment. For widespread distribution, giving these products out by hand to recipients is often more economically efficient.

    Eco Notepads
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