Enamel Badges Custom Made For Companies & Clubs


Made to your design, enamel badges add lasting colour to your insignia. Available in either soft or hard enamel any style of badge with colour detail is available here via direct from the manufacturer custom design and production service. A great way to get the most from your logo or brand, an enamel badge is a cost-effective way to produce a sought after and long lasting gift or memento which has a hint of exclusivity. Use an enamel emblem as a gift for clients and visitors, staff incentive offerings or as a way to introduce your clients and contacts into an exclusive club at a very low price. Sports clubs and charities have long taken advantage of the great value custom made enamel badges bring to the table.

    Using Custom Enamel Badges in Marketing & Promotions

    Free Design Service for all custom enamel badge orders. From long lasting hard mineral enamel colour fill (cloisonne) which is proven to be colour fast for 100 years through to cheaper styles with a custom soft colour detailing there's a custom made enamel style here which will satisfy all requirements. For clubs, community organisations or as recognition gifts to staff and supporters there are few badging items which are as popular and long lasting as the classic enamel styles available here, all shipped direct from our manufacturer partner factory.

    Choosing The Right Enamel Badges for Your Company

    Enamel badges are one type of promotional item that lives far longer than their asking price, and complete customisation with these badges comes with ease. Each badge can be placed in a number of different locations, or used for a number of different purposes, allowing these marketing items many ways in which they can be made effortlessly visible.

    Enamel badges are highly customisable, making them promotional gifts that provide the company with a way to represent their brand just how they see fit. Each enamel badge is created to be very long lasting, and this allows each badge to be extremely cost effective as one badge will provide a long length of promotion time for one simple affordable price. These badges can be applied and used in a vast variety of different ways, and they make excellent promotional incentives or company gifts.

    Enamel badges make easy and attractive commemorative items, excellent for rewarding employees on a promotion or anniversary, however they may also be used to help to improve security around a business setting. A company can give custom enamel badges to all employees able to enter a particular building or office, and these badges can be used to check who may have clearance to be within the area.

    There is no limit on the number of industries that may find value in the use of promotional enamel badges, however they are most popular with a number of specific types of companies. Those who most commonly use promotional enamel badges are those in education, government, sports, or the entertainment industry. Enamel badges will be made from 1 of 3 durable metals including zinc-alloy, copper, or brass. Die stamping is used to customise each enamel badge to showcase a brand or company.

    Badges in a smaller size will typically not allow for more complex detail within a particular design, and it is recommended that complex logos are simplified to allow the design to be noticed as efficiently from a glance or through direct observation. There are a nearly unlimited number of enamel colours to choose from in personalising a promotional enamel badge. If a company is uncertain as to which colours and styles would best represent their brand, it is recommended to take advantage of the free enamel badge design service.

    Enamel Badge Case Study

    One major university offered enamel badges to graduates of the school, each personalised to represent one's graduating year. These badges became extremely popular at university events and group reunions for the school.

    Shipping & Distribution

    The size of these badges allows them to be both lightweight and very low in volume, and this lets these badges to be shipped affordably. A shipment of enamel badges can typically be sent anywhere in Australia for around $20.

    Enamel Badges
    Minimal Price: $5.15