Enamel Lapel Pins Custom Made


Broadly, enamel lapel pins fall into two classes; hard and soft enamel. Hard enamel pins are traditionally cloisonne produced from natural mineral deposits while soft enamel is a synthetic colour fill. These days soft enamel is the most common option as it's simple, quick, more versatile and there is an extensive range of colour options available. Your logo comes to life in full colour on a lapel pin using either system of manufacture. Take advantage of the Fresh Promotions free design service available for all enamel pins. Our experts know exactly how to reproduce your logo or preferred image in a way that will create a lasting memento which your staff and company associates can keep as a lasting memory of a specific event or point of achievement

    Using Enamel Lapel Pins in Marketing & Promotions

    Guide to Using Enamel Lapel Pins ITo Build Your Brand

    Enamel lapel pins may be crafted, branded, and used by all types of brands in a variety of different industries, and these pins can be worn to spruce up a business jacket or a piece of personal attire. Those in the corporate world can even gift these pins as a way to commemorate achievements or promotions for prized employees, and they may be worn with pride to showcase this achievement while in the office or out taking part in downtime activities. The attention that an enamel lapel pin is able to draw allows these products, and their branding, to stand out without feeling disruptive to audiences.

    Lapel pins made from enamel may also be customised to represent other types of brands, and these can be used as promotional gifts to those donating to a fundraiser, supporting a professional sports team, or working in education. The many different ways these pins are able to be customised allows them to be appropriate marketing pieces for brands in any industry. Clubs or memberships could also use enamel lapel pins bearing their logo in order to create a feeling of solidarity between members of the group, or to advertise their club to potential new members. Manufacture & Branding?

    Enamel lapel pins may be manufactured to create any chosen shape or design, and the base of these pins is made using a sturdy metal, such as brass or bronze, with a layer of brightly coloured enamel adorning the face of the product. The print area on an enamel lapel pin will take up the entire surface and body of the pin, as these are items custom made to create a pin out of a brand’s chosen design. A company may use their logo, an event design, or any image that may come to mind and turn it into a wearable product by branding it on an enamel lapel pin piece.

    Custom moulding is the most common method of branding with these pins, and this type of branding can allow a company to create any pin they want with limitless possibilities. A custom mould may be created in any shape or any size that can be desired, and a brand is able to take the controls when it comes to just how they may want to be represented on their piece. The moulded pins will then be coloured in with bright enamels to ensure the branding remains bright and visible.

    Case Study

    A sports team offered custom enamel lapel pins as a promotion to fans that purchased tickets to a big game. This promotion proved to be so popular that tickets sold out in record time, and fans could be seen wearing their lapel pins on hats and jerseys throughout the rest of the season. The following season, the team decided to sell the pins in different designs in their merchandise shop at the stadium, and these were soon some of the most popular items they carried.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Hand distribution in a gift box or velvet pouch is often recommended in order to make a maximum impact; however, pins may be shipped to recipients affordably as well.