Enviro Friendly Promotional Bags Custom Printed


Enviro bags come in all shapes and sizes and are a part of our environmental collection. We have a full selection of eco-friendly bag styles that you can customise for your marketing and gifting needs, no matter what you have in mind. There are plenty of enviro-bag styles to choose from and like all other products on offer here these green styles are available for customisation according to your final usage strategy. In most classes of product and business activity, eco-friendly is a way of life as much as a promotional strategy. People will appreciate helping the planet and with the green promo bag range being completely customisable what more could you ask for in a branded gift item? Get your company logo on one of our environmentally friendly bag range where they will promote and enhance the image of your company regardless of the target market and the promotional offer it supports.

    Using Environmentally Friendly Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Bags have many different uses in promotion, and enviro bags can serve all of these uses while projecting an environmentally friendly message. When a recipient carries with them a branded enviro bag, the logo or company name located on the bag will be in a front facing and visible location to allow all others to see the company’s branding, allowing the company to gain maximum exposure while providing an item of convenience. Enviro bags are made from economically sustainable materials, and with green living’s rise in popularity, these are bags that many will be proud to carry often as they go about their day to day tasks. An enviro bag may be used or carried in many different situations, allowing a brand to expose themselves to a variety of different audiences. Grocery shopping, personal shopping, picnicking, travelling, and carrying classroom materials are just some situations in which a handy bag may be used, providing a multitude of different scenarios in which the bags may be viewed by the public.

    Enviro bags are inexpensive and versatile, making them excellent promotional product options. Brands of any industry can use these bags as stand-alone promotional items, or as part of a larger environmentally friendly promotional gift, and they help to relay a green message in a positive and useful way.

    Bag Manufacture, Storage & Branding

    The two most popular enviro bag manufacture options are recycled plastics or cotton, with both options providing an affordable and sturdy branded product. Cotton enviro bags are easy to clean, and the materials used to create the bags are all harvested in an environmentally friendly fashion. Enviro bags crafted from recycled plastics are notably strong, and these may be best for carrying produce, groceries, or other more delicate items.

    Enviro bags can also be manufactured to suit any particular need, and many styles of all materials are available to choose from. Bags with single handles, dual handles, long cross body drops, zipper closures, or pockets can be chosen from to ensure a brand is represented in just the way they wish to be. A screen printing process is most commonly used to place branding on the front of each enviro bag, and this gives a brand a way to represent themselves in bold colour. This screen printing can be used to apply a large, small, or medium sized logo or design onto bags of any chosen style or material.

    Environmentally Friendly Bags Promotional Case Study

    A local farmer’s market held a promotion at the beginning of their yearly season that included a branded cotton enviro bag with the purchase of any assortment of goods. The opening event not only became one of the market’s most successful in their history, but they often saw customers come back time and time again throughout the remainder of the season carrying their branded enviro bags.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Enviro bags can be shipped easily and affordably across Australia or around the globe. Because these items are so lightweight and easy to pack, they may also be conveniently hand distributed.

    Enviro Bags
    Minimal Price: $2.10