Environmentally Friendly Office Products Custom Printed


Many offices these days have a green tinge about them as the interest in environmentally friendly office supplies gathers momentum. The entire selection of eco-friendly business products on offer has everything the modern company requires to make its contribution to the salvage of the planet. The full range has everything your office needs from pens and desk accessories through to the essentials which keep every business on track. The eco-friendly office products range helps everyone get more from their business day. Any organisation with a need for office supplies can use these eco-friendly solutions to get a better impression without a big budgetary impact. The full selection of eco business products will help with that. Explore them for yourself and see how you can customise your own office supplies.

    Using Eco Friendly Office Products in Marketing & Promotions

    Using Environmentally Friendly Office Products In Promotions

    Office décor is used to decorate workspaces and create a more personal environment, and it is these pieces that others will notice when they visit another’s workspace. Enviro office supplies and décor allow a brand to provide a promotional product that comes with an important message, and recipients can forever associate the name or logo of a particular brand with their care for the environment.

    The recycled and sustainable materials used in enviro office décor and supplies are typically of a neutral tone which can suit any office environment, and this allows these products the ability to be displayed proudly by many different types of individuals. Appealing to a large market is ideal when using promotional products in marketing a brand, as this will often translate into a significantly greater amount of exposure. Any type of brand that focuses their message on going green can appreciate the use of these products in marketing their company, and this can range from those in education to those in the tech industry. When a brand places their name or logo on one of these environmentally friendly products, they can put into the minds of the consumer their name and the importance of taking care of the planet using only one simple promotional marketing tool.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Enviro office products and supplies can range from eco-friendly mouse mats to photo frames or business card holders, and each different piece will have its own method of manufacture. The vast majority of these products are made from recycled paper, plastics, or bamboo harvested in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

    Recycled paper and pen sets, or desk caddies, are two affordable enviro office products made to appeal to a wide range of individuals, and these are typically branded using pad printing. Pad printing places a brand’s logo, name, or message onto the surface of each product in the bright colour of a company’s choice, allowing the brand message to take centre stage on the item. Photo frames, desk organisers, and other high end enviro office products are commonly made of bamboo, and this sturdy wood is lightweight enough to remain convenient to distribute while being tough enough to withstand years of use. For a sophisticated look that allows the branding to fit in seamlessly with the products, laser engraving is used to etch the brand’s name or logo directly into the surface of the bamboo.

    Eco Office Gear Promotional Case Study

    As an executive gift, a housewares brand focused on relaying an eco-friendly message gave clients branded bamboo picture frames during their annual holiday celebration. The gifts were well received by the many recipients, and this helped to improve client relations for the brand.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller enviro office supplies and décor made from recycled materials are often easy to ship, as these are light enough to keep postage costs low and small enough to pack easily. With products made of bamboo or other sustainable woods, however, shipping may become costly and complicated, causing these products to be best given to recipients by hand.

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