Environmentally Friendly Pens Custom Printed


Branded enviro pens are designed to give back to the environment while providing you with office supplies that you can use for corporate promotion or just around the office. Whether your plans are to provide socially conscious office supplies with pens that are made from recycled materials or supply your company with quality writing instruments which are designed to last and provide service there's a style here o suit your needs. Customised with your company information or logo, in a range of colours they're perfect for the office and will make sure that your company's green credentials are clear for all to see.

    Using Eco Friendly Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    There are a lot of environmentally friendly pen styles to choose from. Made from recycled materials or designed to be biodegradable the eco pen range will generate sales but not waste for your company. Every eco-friendly business or organisation can benefit from one of the styles in this range so check them out for yourself. These high-quality pens are great for every budget, and they definitely show that you care about the world and your place within it.

    Enviro Friendly Pens Show Your Green Credentials

    Pens are items which are used, borrowed, and displayed by all types of individuals, making these easy items to use to market a brand. Enviro pens are made from recycled and sustainable materials that send a green message to recipients, and these are excellent options for brands who not only want to place themselves into the minds of the public, but want to relay their eco-friendly messages at the same time.

    When a brand prides themselves on maintaining an environmentally friendly image, their marketing and promotional tools should follow their own rule, and there is no better way to prove to the public that the brand means what they say than with enviro pens. Each time a recipient uses their pen, it and its branding will be visible to all who may surround them in their work or personal space, allowing others to see the branding as well. Pens are also items often borrowed, and when the recipient lends their pen to another individual, they will have a front row seat to the branding placed centrally upon the item. Enviro pens can be appreciated by those in education, those working in corporate offices, those who have an interest in environmentally sound living, or those who simply may use pens regularly, leaving these products open to many different appropriate and effective uses.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Enviro pens can be made of recycled paper, recycled plastics, or all natural bamboo harvested sustainably. Recycled paper and plastic are two more affordable enviro pen options, making these pieces ideal for promotional items given to large amounts of recipients. Pad printing is the most common branding method used for these pens, and this places a print of a chosen design directly onto the body of the pen in a brand’s chosen colour. Bamboo pens are exceptional high end promotional product choices, and these are crafted from light bamboo wood harvested with environmental friendliness in mind. Pad printing can place a logo or design onto the surface of the pen, or laser engraving may be chosen to engrave branding into the wood itself, providing two very different, but effective, branding methods to choose from. Enviro pens manufactured using corn starch are one other attention grabbing option, and the materials harvested for the production of these pens come from the USA. Corn starch enviro pens are an appropriate choice for agriculture brands looking to reach their consumers in a creative way.

    Eco Pens Case Study

    A local flower shop having a grand opening was looking to not only attract new customers, but give guests a little something that would help them to remember the shop for all their flower needs. Interested potential customers that wandered into their grand opening event were each given an enviro pen made of recycled plastic materials with the shop’s name and phone number printed on the items, and this translated into easy phone calls during their first months of operation.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pens, even enviro pens, are small and weight very little, making them very affordable to ship long distances. If hand distribution is desired, these may also be carried easily in a backpack or by hand.

    Enviro Pens
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