Promotional Executive Games & Puzzles Custom Branded


Not just time-fillers, executive games are a great way for you to sharpen your reflexes for the battle which is the world of business. A fun gift and a way to attract attention from those usually elevated up the ladder who bear responsibility for the overall outlook and performance of the organisation. To say "thanks" to a business contact or to increase awareness of your brand and its values there are a range of executive puzzles and skill testers which are guaranteed to sort the performers from the also-rans. Great for any office environment, the range of executive toys on offer have legs as employee appreciation, branding building or relationship enhancing offerings

    Using Executive Games & Puzzles in Marketing & Promotions

    Why out-source all the fun. Executive games can be used to keep your own staff on their toes and sharp enough to recognise the opportunities as they cross their desks. Custom branded executive game and toys are across the board winners which bring out the kid in even the most tedious of suit-wearers. Check out the games selection available and start now to create your own custom combination of branding and promotional elements.

    Why Use Executive Games In Marketing?

    When spending long hours at a desk, a person will often appreciate a little something to take their minds off of work related tasks and onto something bit more fun. Executive games are small games and entertainment items that can be used during downtime in order to help professionals to give themselves a break and keep their minds sharp throughout the day. Because these products are unique pieces to have displayed on a desk, they are also excellent objects to use for brand placement. When branded, executive games tend to market themselves as clients or partners walk about an office area, as the eye won’t be able to help being caught examining these products.

    Executive games are also fun, which gives them the ability to make excellent affordable company gifts. Employees of all types can appreciate receiving something that can bring a bit of fun into their lives, and while they enjoy their games either in the office, during travel, or at home, the branding placed on these gifts will remain visible to all they may encounter or choose to share their game with. Any industry can appreciate the use of these gifts in marketing, as they are able to appeal to a wide range of individuals and employees. Those who work in corporate offices can particularly benefit from the use of these items, as they can provide something light and fun to occupy break times or lessen stressful situations at their workspace.

    Games Manufacture & Branding

    Traditionally, executive games are most often manufactured using either high quality and durable plastics or long-lasting metal alloys. The differences in these materials allow executive games to cater to any budget needs, as both affordable and high end items are available to satisfy a brand’s particular needs.

    Branding methods and placement will differ with these games, as some shapes, styles, and materials used in games will differ in need when it comes to placing a brand’s logo in the best possible way. Laser engraving is one branding method that can place a logo, company name, or desired message directly into the material used to manufacture the game itself, and this ensures that branding will remain clear and noticeable for the life of the item. Pad printing may also be used, and this method places a colourful print of a desired design onto the product to draw the eye and attract attention.

    Executive Games Case Study

    An electronics company gifted their office employees with portable branded Sudoku games to help them to unwind when things get stressful around the office. In the following months, executives noticed that the office morale seemed higher than it was before, and their brand was gaining extra exposure as recipients took their games with them during business and pleasure related travel.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Some types of executive games are larger than others, and some varieties may be more fragile. Depending on the size and type of game, shipping may be a convenient shipping method, but these products are often best distributed personally.

    Executive Games
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