Executive Gifts With Custom Logo Branding


A gift of any kind can be used to make a big impact, but executive gifts are made to not only please an important client or partner, they can also help to keep a brand in a person’s mind using strategically placed visible branding. As a recipient uses or admires their gift, it can be a particular brand they notice and associate with the quality and usefulness of the item, making these gifts an excellent way to market a brand in a very positive way. There are many categories of executive gifts, and their price ranges can vary from the very affordable to the very high end. Some of the materials used in high end options include various metals, exotic leathers, a combination of the two materials, or glass, and these make very appropriate gifts for business partners or important clients. Branding for these pieces will often vary as greatly as the pieces themselves, and laser engraving, pad printing, or stamping may be used to ensure a brand takes centre stage on a chosen gift item.

    Why Use Executive Gifts In Marketing?

    Executive gifts may be appreciated by brands in any industry, and those in education to those in the corporate sales world can make equal use of these items. These gifts are made to be high quality and striking, no matter how big or small they may be, also making them perfect for displaying a brand’s logo or design. When using a promotional gift for marketing, only the most eye-catching products will gain the type of attention that will be desired, allowing these to be easy pieces that seamlessly market a brand. There are very specific executive gifts to give a personal touch to recipients in a particular industry or with a particular interest. Promotional wine sets for the connoisseur, or a branded golf tee and tool set, can not only provide a gift a recipient is sure to appreciate, but one that also shows that the company cares, therefore placing the brand into a very positive place in the minds of a consumer, client, or partner.

    Manufacture & Branding

    For a more affordable corporate gift option, gifts manufactured from plastics, woven nylon, and similar inexpensive materials are also available. These may be branded similarly when compared to the higher end items, and no matter the price or style of item, a company’s logo or name will always remain noticeable in the forefront. For brands focused on an environmentally friendly message, gifts made from sustainable woods and recycled materials are also available for branding and distribution. Case Study As a thank you, an office goods supply company sent an executive gift of branded golf sets to a long-time client, because many of their business meetings have taken place on the local greens. The client was so touched by the gesture that they couldn’t help but tell their partners about the gift, who have since inquired about the company’s supply services for their own offices.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Shipping may be an easy and affordable distribution method if the gifts are lightweight and small in size. If the chosen gift items are larger, a personal presentation may be more suitable.

    Executive Gifts
    Minimal Price: $1.80