Promotional Face Paint Custom Branded

Is there anything cuter than a little kid face painted like a butterfly or pussycat? Maybe the parents who have to scrub it off later have a different opinion but as a way to entertain children and amuse grownups promotional face paint is marketing winner. You can be safe using the range of custom face paint on offer as each style is non-toxic and approved for use. The kids can even eat it if they like (though not recommended)! For football teams, outdoor events, conferences and retail sales spectaculars face paint is a crowd builder and kid pleaser.

    using Face Paints in Marketing & Promotions

    If your company is sponsoring a sports team, what's better to promote your association than handing out promotional face paint to supporters and members of the team. If there is a more prominent place for your branding to be highlighted on a customers' face we're yet to find it! There can't be a better endorsement than somebody being happy to wear your promotional gift on their dial. To put a smile on yours and your customers' faces FreeCall Fresh Promotions now on 1800 129 999 and speak with one of our colourful consultants about the right style face painting kit for your next promotional activity.

    Show Your Support With Promotional Face Paint

    While face paint may be a product often geared towards children, adults can have their fun with these versatile products as well. Face painting stations are often found at a plethora of different fundraisers and events, and they can help to spread excitement for a particular cause or occasion. Those in the education, sports, or children’s interests industries can particularly appreciate the use of face paint in marketing, as these are products that can be used to entertain or excite fans and kids alike.

    When hosting a fundraiser, face painting can help to raise a significant amount of funds. When guests have their faces painted, this also acts as a beacon for a face painting station, and seeing others walking about the event with their faces painted will encourage others to join in the fun and do the same, making these products some that can really advertise for themselves. Children’s birthday parties can also benefit from face painting, and those in the business of party entertainment can add to their repertoire of skills when they have a branded face paint set in hand. As a professional uses these face paints on guests at a party, the branding placed on the items will remain visible for all to see, and they may even be adorned with contact numbers which could be then relayed easily to other potential clients.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Face paints may come in a tube, pallet, or stick, and each design option gives a recipient a way to paint the face easily and safely. The materials used to create the paint are hypoallergenic and deemed safe by all Australia safety standards, allowing people of all ages to enjoy the paints without needing to worry about serious reactions or dangerous chemicals.

    The packaging that encases the face paints, whether a pallet, stick, or tube is chosen, is typically made from plastic or acrylic. These materials give the face paints a certain level of durability often desired in products used with children, and this gives them the ability to last for a significantly long time if needed.  Pad printing is used to place branding on promotional face paint items, and the print area will be located on the broad or top side of the case. This type of branding placement allows the logo or company name adorning the piece to remain visible while in use or on display, and pad printing can allow a variety of colours to be chosen.

    Face Paint Promotions Case Study

    A sports team decided to release their own line of branded face paints which came in their team’s colours. Fans of the team could be seen wearing the face paints all around the stadium during games, and gift shops inside the stadium sold these face paints for use. Before games, fans were often seen using the products to decorate each other’s faces with depictions of the team’s mascot or encouraging messages, and these sets quickly became some of the team’s highest selling merchandise items.

    Face Paint Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Face paint products may be shipped to recipients affordably even in high numbers, but to make a maximum impact, hand distribution may be desired.