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With many different to market, promotional first aid kits might not be at the top of your list. The trick to promotional marketing is balancing a cost effective medium to carry your message with its inherent appeal. Your clients don't want something useless they'll throw in the closet and forget about. Promotional car first aid kits are items which nobody will dispose of and which sometime in the future emerge to save the day. Clients appreciate useful items like office first aid kits and the favourable impression such an gift creates inevitably rubs-off. There are first aid kit styles available for all marketing needs at a range of price points. Print your company information, logo, or other details on cheap car first aid kits and when an accident or emergency happens your stocks will rise. With plenty of emergency kits to choose from there's something here to suit every marketing application

    Using First Aid Kits in Marketing & Promotions

    A first aid kit can be used or stored anywhere, from an office or another type of work space to the home or a vehicle. No matter the industry a person may be in, a first kit gives a person the ability to save a life or better a situation in the case of an emergency, making these items ones that can be appreciated by a wide range of different people. By promoting or marketing using a first aid kit, a company can emphasise that they place great value on the safety of the public.

    First aid kits make an excellent personal gift, and they can be kept in the home, office, car, or any desired setting. The benefit of these kits is that they can be placed anywhere and allow a person to remain prepared for any unexpected situation.

    A first aid kit can provide a level of value anywhere, and from an office setting to a mine or construction site, these kits provide convenience through preparation. While the likelihood for an accident occurring may be higher in a mine site or other more dangerous work setting, an accident may happen anywhere that calls for the materials enclosed in each kit. Placing branding on a first aid kit helps to make a company’s name synonymous with caring about health and comfort as well as the future.

    Manufacture & Branding

    In order to completely adhere to all Australian safety standards, the bandages, dressings, and other contents of first aid kits are made from sterile materials to ensure maximum safety in their use. The kits themselves come equipped with standard safety aide tools. First aid kits are customised for branding purposes using either screen printing or pad printing on the front portion of the case containing the first aid materials. A person may choose custom first aid kit sets with certain first aid products contained in each kit. Also, one may ask about a completely customised first aid kit option if that better suits their company or brand.

    Case Study

    An HR consultant representing a company gave branded first aid kits to clients in order to place emphasis on safety while in the workplace.

    Shipping & Distribution

    First aid kits do typically have a shelf life, and each kit should be looked over before shipping or distributing to ensure that its contents are still within their expiration date. The contents inside each kit, while they may expire, are not fragile and pose little to no risk of breaking while being shipped, transported by a vehicle, or distributed by hand.

    First Aid Kits
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