Flag Banners Custom Printed To Your Design


Nothing takes advantage of the vertical space available out the front of your building or at your conference venue than a custom printed flag banner. You've seen flag banners waving at you as you drive past car dealerships or when you've taken your kids to the beach where a radio station or local business is running a promotion. Even life savers use promotional flag banners to mark the safe place to swim. Available in a multitude of shapes, styles and sizes, promotional flag banners have become popular in recent years because they are simple to manage easy to assemble and deliver great marketing bang for your buck. A custom flag banner packs down into a carry bag which comes complete with stabiliser, telescopic poles and one or two sided printed flag

    Using Flag Banners in Marketing & Promotions

    Flag banners and signs, also known as feather banners, are display pieces that can be placed outside of an establishment in order to draw in customers who may be walking or driving by an area. These signs are made to respond to wind, so each time a breeze blows, those in the area of the sign will not be able to help but notice the branding on the items, allowing these pieces to work very effectively in marketing. Flag banners can be appreciated by any type of business, and their use can benefit those in the retail industry as well as hospitality industry and every industry in between. While these may be branded with a company name or logo, they can also be used to promote specific promotions or events, and this can lead to higher interests in the special products or sales that the brand may be selling or participating in.

    Flag banners and signs can come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes, and this gives a brand the opportunity to choose a product which best represents the message they are looking to send. While a large flag banner may be better suited for a large store in an open area, a smaller version can be more appropriate for smaller places of business in a more congested region, and a brand can choose just which type may suit their needs and location best.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Flag banners and signs are crafted using lightweight fabric materials, and it is this manufacture method that allows them to react to and dance in the breeze. Holding the banner up will be a steel or aluminium pole that can either be placed into the ground, if soft ground is available, or weighted to stay secure while placed on a sidewalk or other outdoor surface area.

    Flag banners can be printed on one or both sides, and many varieties use a thin fabric material that can actually allow single sided branding to be seen from either angle. The entire length of the banner will often serve as a print area in order to give these products a way to attract attention from all in their vicinity. The method of branding used on flag banners and signs is screen printing, and this process can recreate any desired image into a print which can then be placed within the print area of the flag banner.

    Promotional Case Study

    A surf shop used flag banners to draw customers into their store due to its location. The shop was located in a small strip of stores, and they found that many potential customers would walk past their store, and those that stopped in would claim they weren’t aware of its existence. Since placing the banners, the store has experienced a great deal more business as customers can now be drawn in to the location.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Shipping is not recommended for flag banners and signs, as these are typically very large and weighty items that are difficult to package and expensive to send. It is recommended that these pieces be hand delivered to their desired locations in order to keep prices low.

    Flag Banners
    Minimal Price: $131.10