Food & Beverage Stress Balls, Toys & Shapes Custom Printed


Three times a day, or often more, the thought of food crosses the mind and we act on it. So food stress shapes and stress balls are items which have a doubly useful effect. First there are few people out there who don't have an interest in food and drink and are therefore likely to be drawn to your gift. Secondly, for those who are hoping to eat less and lose or maintain their weight what better way to relieve the stress of self denial than with the therapeutic advantages of food industry stress balls? In either case the range of food orientated product you'll see here has something which will either appeal or challenge all your business contacts.

    Guide to Using Food and Drink Stress Balls In Promotional Activity

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    A food or drink shaped stress toy can provide a recipient with a little bit of relaxing whimsical fun, and these products can actually improve health with the way they are able to release tension in the muscle systems of the hands and wrists. By placing branding on a food or drink shaped stress toy, a brand can forever associate their company with this feeling of relaxation in the minds of their consumers while simultaneously reminding recipients of just what business they are in.

    Food and drink shaped stress toys can be appreciated by any industry that works with food, and these can range from those in agriculture, to those in winemaking, to those working in restaurants or cafés. Giving a food or drink shaped stress toy can remind a recipient of your brand in two very distinct ways with the visible logo placed on the item and the physical shape that the item takes.

    Stress toys of all kinds are affordable items, and a brand can market using these products affordably even if widespread distribution is desired. Stress toys may also be given as stand-alone promotional gifts or as part of a larger gift package.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Soft foam creates food and drink stress toys and these products are manufactured in a way that allows them to remain both soft and firm at the same time. While these toys should be easy to squeeze during use, they should have some resistance to allow them to effectively work the muscle systems, and these branded options do just that.

    Food and drink shaped stress toys can also come in a plethora of different shapes, and the paints used to colour or decorate the products are non-toxic and safe for use. Cakes, beer, hamburgers, and bacon are just some of the shapes one can find in promotional food and drink stress toys, and a brand has the ability to choose which option would be best to promote them.

    The print area on these pieces will always be located in the most visible region, and this is to allow the branding to take centre stage on the item. Pad printing is used to brand food and drink stress toys, and the pad printing of a company logo or design should always remain noticeable whether the item is in use or sitting on display due to the print area placement.

    Promotional Case Study

    A beer making company gave out branded beer mug stress toys at a brewing festival to all interested potential customers who came to their booth. These stress toys were branded with the logo, company name, and contact information of the brand, and recipients could be reminded of the brand simply by looking at their promotional gift. After distributing the toys, the company noticed that they had begun getting far more interested calls from potential buyers.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Food and drink stress toys can be shipped or hand distributed easily, as shipping these lightweight items is affordable and they may be conveniently carried as well.

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