Promotional Fridge Magnets Custom Printed

Fridge magnets are a part of the basic collection for promotional marketing tools. Digitally printed in full colour fridge magnets combine the ease of transport, storage and distribution of business card with visibility that comes from the magnetic substrate. the clever marketer who first discovered the opportunity to take advantage of highly visible and regularly visited space on the front of every refrigerator has had his idea copied literally hundreds of millions of times. With promotional fridge magnets now being a standard promotional item in the marketing kit of almost every organisation.

    How To Use Fridge Magnets In Promotional Marketing

    All fridge magnets are printed and cut to order. While standard business card size (90mm x 55mm) are the most common configuration, custom die-shapes, variable material thicknesses and large sizes are all available upon request. Make the most of the available space on your clients refrigerator or available space, by putting your message on a promotional fridge magnet and see how your message sticks. To learn about our fridge magnet design service Free Call Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a magnetic consultant.

    Fridge magnets are inexpensive promotional item choices, and these are made to be displayed in the home or in an office setting. When marketing with fridge magnets, a brand can place their name, logo, and contact information onto an affordable display item in order to reach their audiences frequently and conveniently. Fridge magnets can be used for marketing purposes by a vast array of different brands, and any industry can appreciate the use of these pieces in marketing. Those in education, healthcare, entertainment, fashion, or any business a person can think of may reach their targeted demographic by using fridge magnets, and recipients can even a brand’s contact information handy for when they need it most. Fridge magnets do need to be kept exclusively on a refrigerator for display, and these products are able to be placed on any metal surface for safe keeping. A fridge magnet can also be used to hang pictures and other pieces of information on these surfaces, allowing these to be purposeful promotional items with many ways of use.

    Because a fridge magnet is such an affordable item, these are often given as part of a larger promotional gift package. However, if single item distribution is desired, they make effective stand-alone gifts as well. A brand can even keep these items on desktops as business card type products for their customers or clients to take at their leisure.

    Custom Manufacture & Printing Options

    A fridge magnet will typically be manufactured using a glossy paper or plastic type material attached to a magnetic strip or disc backing. This style of manufacture gives these products a way to remain functional and visible for many years of use by recipients. The front, or face, of the magnet will act as an all over print area, and this is done to allow for maximum visibility. When a magnet hangs on a refrigerator or other metal surface, it will be this face that is most visible to those passing through or using the item it is placed on.

    Screen printing, pad printing, and full colour digital printing are the most common print methods used on promotional fridge magnets, and these give a brand the opportunity to advertise in a full range of colours. The specific print method chosen will depend on the materials that make up the magnet, but all options allow for the same highly visible impact.

    Fridge Magnet Case Study

    A dental office began offering branded fridge magnets at their reception desk to patients coming in to attend or make appointments. Since switching from traditional business cards to magnets, the office found that more patients were calling regularly to schedule their appointments, as the office’s contact information was always handy and less likely to be lost.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Fridge magnets are exceptionally easy to ship, and their small size helps to keep them affordable even when being packaged in large numbers. For hand distribution, these pieces can be stored in a box or bag easily to be carried and personally given to recipients.

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