Fruit & Vegetable Stress Balls With Custom branding


With the current day focus on healthy living and concern for the environment fruit and vegetable stress balls have a range of applications as part of an integrated marketing message. Your company can take advantage of the healthy tones inherent in the use of these items. Even if you don't do business in the food or agricultural sectors, using one of these custom stress shapes from the vegetable kingdom can present a message which sheds new light on your company image. Apple stress balls for instance are favoured by banks and financial institutions to create a perception of wholeness to create a perception of wholeness and integrity. With mangos, garlic and chilli peppers and anything else you care to sink your teeth into, there's a vegetable stress which you can utilise as part of an overall marketing campaign.

    Guide to Using Fruit & Vegetable Stress Balls In Promotional Activity

    Nobody likes eating broccoli but everyone loves a vegetable stress ball. Using this twisting of perceptions to your advantage make your clients sit up and take notice. To find out more about branding and availability FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Fruit and vegetable stress relief toys can be used in marketing by those in the grocery business, agriculture industry, or health industry, and this is due to the audiences that these brands will be looking to serve. A fruit or vegetable shaped stress toy will attract recipients who have an eye for healthy and fresh foods, and these can also help recipients to remember the business a certain brand is in as well. When a brand associated with fruits and vegetables gives a promotional product featuring the items, they can remind their recipients of just what they do each time they use their gift.

    A stress toy, whether being used or on display, is a very noticeable item, and these have the ability to truly catch the eye of all types of audiences. Those young and old will be drawn naturally to the brightly coloured product, and this can allow a brand’s image to be noticed with ease as the products are seen.

    Fruit and vegetable stress toys are also highly affordable, and this allows them to be accessible marketing tools appropriate for any sized company to use. If a brand wishes for widespread distribution, many units may be branded without the worry of breaking a marketing budget.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Fruit and vegetable shaped stress toys are made from a soft foam material that still allows enough resistance to do its job in stress relief. When these toys are squeezed, they utilise muscle systems in the hands and wrists that relieve built up stress from overuse, and the manufacture method chosen for these products allows this process to work easily. The colouring on the piece is done using non-toxic materials to ensure these products remain safe for all types of use.

    On a fruit or vegetable shaped stress toy, the print area will be placed in a highly visible location to ensure the branding is able to stand in the forefront. Because the shapes and styles vary so greatly with these pieces, these print areas may be placed on different locations from one design to another; however, the print area chosen is always going to be in the most visible location whether resting on a desktop or in use.

    Pad printing is the main print method used with fruit or vegetable shaped stress toys, and this print method allows the branding to show easily on the materials of the piece. Pad printing provides a way for a brand to represent themselves in the colour of their choice in order to create a truly flattering marketing item.

    Promotional Case Study

    A winery offered grape shaped stress toys to customers who came in to purchase a bottle from their new line of wines. These gifts with purchase were a big hit with recipients, and they found that more people inquired about the new line of wines after hearing about the stress shape promotion.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Fruit and vegetable stress toys can be shipped affordably due to their low weight, and they may be carried easily in a bag or backpack for hand distribution.

    Fruit & Vegetables
    Minimal Price: $1.45