Promotional Pens Printed in Full Colour


Everything is bigger and better in America, including the branding on promotional pens. If your company's proud of it's logo and image and wants everybody to see what you're about in the best way possible, the range of full colour printed pens is an option you should consider. Printed in the United States these pens are the best quality and branded using a digital print process which is not available for most products in Australia. All the range have long life refills and the colour options and combinations make sure there's a pen which highlight your full colour brand to it's best advantage.

    Using Full Colour Printed Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    If your company has spent thousands of dollars getting it's branding right and cares about public perceptions it makes sense to carry this focus through every part of your marketing. Something as simple as a promotional pen with a full colour logo print says to clients that your organisation cares about details and has pride in the way it's perceived. Attributes for which any organisation should hope. To learn more about the extensive range available, many of which are not on display, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999

    Colour Printed Pens Show Your Logo At Its Best

    A full colour print pen can give a brand the opportunity to market itself using an affordable product with maximum impact, and these pens can be given by themselves or as larger promotional packages. Full colour print pens are made to show the full colour print of a brand’s desired logo, and these pens work just as well in their primary function of writing as they do in their ability to promote. A colour print is a print that is more likely to catch the eye, and a full colour digital print provides a full range of saturated colours as well as a crisp attention to detail. On these pens, a brand can design and apply any type of logo or design in order to catch the eye of recipients and passers-by, and their branding is sure to be seen clearly each time a pen is used.

    Brands of all types and industries can market themselves effectively using a colour print pen, and this is because these pens can be used by a vast array of different individuals. Recipients of all types can make use of a high quality pen, and these versions will be able to bear any branding that a company wishes to promote. The affordability of these pieces also allows them to appeal to companies of all sizes, as they remain inexpensive even during widespread distribution.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    A colour print pen can be manufactured using metals, such as aluminium, or hard plastics, and this gives these pens a way to last throughout many years of use. Rubber grips may adorn the pens near the point area to allow them to be used comfortably by recipients, and both high end and affordable models may come with this feature depending on the style of pen chosen. A cap, click mechanism, or twist mechanism may be used to keep the point of the pen safe while not in use, and these features will vary throughout all styles of pens. Full colour digital printing places branding onto these pens, and the print area reserved for branding may lie along the barrel or at either end of the product. The print areas are strategically chosen on these pieces to allow for optimal visibility, and the full colour digital printing method allows a brand to apply their images to the pen in a full range of crisp colours.

    Promotional Case Study

    A school provided students with full colour print pens early in the school year to allow them a writing utensil that showed their pride in their school. These pens could be seen being used frequently by students for the entire school year, and school administrators were pleased to see the pens being so well used. For the following year, the school staff decided that the pens would be a regular gift to students due to their success.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Colour print pens can be packaged and shipped conveniently to recipients in faraway destinations, however hand distribution has been found to create the most impact.

    Colour Print Pens
    Minimal Price: $1.00