Promotional Gadgets & Electronics Custom Printed


Promotional electronic gadgets are a great way to attract the attention of business contacts. Not only are they innovative and entertaining but can assist the recipient in navigating the business day. There is something for every business contact in the promotional gadget range on offer and with each offered customised with your business information. Sell them, give them away, use them for in-house applications or offer branded gadgets to staff. You don't have to spend a lot on promotional gadgets to get a positive response from your business contacts. Perfect for school organisations and fundraising, corporate branding, customer appreciation gifts and giveaways for special events promotional gadgets have practical use and excitement value which enhances the overall value of your offering. For executives they represent a much better investment than cheap promo items.

    Using Electronic Gadgets in Marketing & Promotions

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    Everyone Loves Electronic Gadgets

    As a corporate gift, or simply something to promote a tech savvy brand, gadgets have the ability to entice people in a different way than other products. Gadgets not only provide a bit of entertainment, but recipients are often fascinated by the fun things they are able to accomplish. A fascinating product is also a product that will require further inspection and attention from recipients and passers-by alike, making gadgets perfect items to adorn with company branding.

    Any type of industry can appreciate the use of a branded gadget for marketing, however those that seem to benefit the most from different gadgets are those in the tech industry. Because their audiences already have an interest in interesting little toys or tools to make their lives easier, they will naturally be attracted to these gadgets and incorporate them into their everyday lives. Gadgets can come in the forms of the totally fun to the completely functional, meaning they may be used for enjoyment or to make lives easier depending on the type chosen. The wide variety of different branded gadgets allows these to appeal to any type of recipient, providing a category of promotional items with the ability to appeal to varied audiences, and this ability can let a brand market themselves easily to whichever demographic they may be trying to reach.

    Manufacture & Branding

    While gadgets may be thought of as expensive items, many are very affordable to all levels of budgets. Both high tech and simple gadgets are available to appeal to desired audiences, and the method of manufacture will depend on the type of gadget chosen.

    Many simple gadgets will be made of various plastic type materials, and this is done to keep costs low and durability high. These gadgets have long life spans and are able to withstand the common wear and tear associated with travel and use, making these highly popular options. High tech or high end gadgets may be made of metal, glass, and combination of other materials in order to allow the products to work efficiently. Typically, these more flashy gadgets will have the highest appeal to tech savvy individuals. Full colour digital printing, pad printing, screen printing, and laser engraving methods are most commonly used to place branding on each gadget, and the print areas on these items are kept in locations which will remain visible during use or while on display.

    Case Study

    A school decided to gift teachers in a science department with USB plasma ball gadgets which they could plug into their laptops or PCs whether at home or in the classroom. Recipients often used these in their classrooms, and they provided both education and entertainment as curious students noticed the products and interest grew into how they worked. The educators soon incorporated the gadgets into their lessons which kept students interested during the course of the class.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Small gadgets can often be shipped easily across Australia or globally, but as the size or weight of the products grows larger, shipping may become less affordable. For larger gadgets, hand distribution is found to be the most effective method.

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