Promotional Glasses Custom Printed


We all need a refreshing beverage on occasion, particularly as the grip of global warming tightens. The range of promotional glasses available includes humble beer glasses through to champagne and martini styles which can be used in the office bar, for hospitality purposes or as giveaways to staff and clients. Glasses are everywhere and that's a clue to the appeal and general utility of this class of promotional item. If you're planning an event and want to make your branding a centre of attraction custom printed glassware is a great way to get your message noticed and of course if you let people take the glass or cup you give them home your message will keep getting noticed for ears to come

    Using Custom Printed Glasses in Marketing & Promotions

    While promotional glasses are what we would describe as 'essentials" in the kitchen the option exists to drink your liquor from an ol' fruit jar or something more stylish. Everything adds to an occasion or the excitement of a party and your own custom branded glasses can be a big contributor to the overall feel and the return garnered from the event. If you'd like to know more about the range of custom drinking glasses and the branding options available to make them a part of your marketing activity FreeCall 1800 129 999 and raise a toast to a Fresh Promotions glassware consultant.

    How Promotional Glasses Can Assist In Marketing

    Branded glasses can be useful in both professional and personal settings, and they are exceptionally usable if a brand is looking for a promotional item that will be noticed frequently. With products such as glasses, each time a customer or recipient uses the item, the branding placed on the side of the glass will be visible, and users won’t be able to help but regularly recognise a brand’s logo or company name. In terms of marketing, this noticeability factor plays a large role in keeping a company in the minds of their desired consumers In restaurants and bars, branded glasses help to create a more professional aesthetic to the establishment. Like uniforms, well designed menus, and a friendly atmosphere, professionalism is always appreciated by customers looking to dine out, and branded glasses provide just the sophisticated element that can bring patrons into the door for a pleasant experience. Those in the hospitality industry aren’t the only ones who can benefit from marketing with branded glasses, and beverage makers can market their brands effectively using these promotional tools as well. A branded glass will give fans of a particular beverage a regular reminder of a company and just what they do best.

    Manufacture & Branding Options

    Several different types of glass may be used to create branded promotional glasses, and these drinking vessels may come in a multitude of different shapes or sizes. Beer glasses are designed to allow the perfect pour, wine glasses are designed to allow the wine to breathe, and champagne glasses are designed to allow for optimal bubbliness; any style of promotional glass chosen is crafted to give the user the perfect drinking experience. Many promotional glasses are also made to be dishwasher safe, and this gives recipients a way to use their glasses regularly with convenience. Because hand washing isn’t necessary, their promotional glass will be able to be cleaned with all of their other drink or kitchenware.

    Screen printing and pad printing allow branding to be placed on the broad face of the glass using dishwasher safe colour able to attract attention easily, and these are popular print options for both personal and professional uses. For a more refined appeal, laser engraving may be used on some promotional glass options, and this etches a brand’s chosen logo or design directly into the surface of the glass itself. Laser engraving will often remain visible for the entire life of the glass, and the products are not weakened by the laser etching technique.

    Promotional Glasses Marketing Case Study

    A popular beer brand hosted a giveaway across their various social media accounts to give away 200 promotionally branded glasses in order to gain a greater level of online exposure. The giveaway contest was a major success for the brand, and their social media followers increased by 30% from the start of the promotion to the end. As the brand’s online presence increased, so did their website traffic, and this lead to higher interest and greater sales for the following quarter.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to their level of fragility, promotional glasses are items best hand distributed to recipients.

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