Glow in the Dark Promotional Products

Everyone seeks illumination and enlightenment so why not apply the same principles to your logo using glow in the dark and luminous promotional products. At conventions, sports events or anywhere it's dark your company branding can stand out like a beacon by applying it to one of the huge range available. Predominantly LED based, each of the products on offer comes with complete batteries so all you need to do is print your logo and let the fun begin great way for your to engage the youth market, luminous promotional items make any evening event a party. Utilised in a range of brand and sales enhancing giveaway or value add campaigns, glow in the dark products cut through the murk causing people to focus on your branding. Beverage marketing companies and those in the hospitality industries have known for years how these simple novelty products can create a heightened level of enthusiasm

    Glow In The Dark
    Minimal Price: $2.00